Calming Body and Mind with Yoga


August 4 started with a truly gray, rainy morning. In the morning, I took a virtual Gentle Flow Yoga class at 8:00 AM. It’s not every day you take a relaxing class during a storm. Initially, I was nervous about the weather and how the day was going to turn out, but yoga class was the first hint that the day was going to end well. My mornings are never complete without exercise, and this day was no exception.

Ashley, the yoga teacher, had a wide, friendly smile and wavy dark hair. We started class by stretching our legs, which felt pretty good, taking the first step to starting the day on a good note. Next, we did Downward Dog, which was relaxing and helped me relieve stress from the rainy morning.

After that, we did Plank Pose, which involved standing on our toes and hands. This helped me balance my body. Then, we did Cat-Cow Pose, which involved standing on our hands and knees and arching our spines, which was good for the back. Both of them relieved pressure from being grouchy in the morning. All the while I breathed calmly.

The class ended with a meditation session, which helped me calm down and be aware of myself. It reminded me of the way I meditate every night before bed.

One reason I love yoga is because it helps calm the mind and body, in addition to sharpening my focus. Yoga helped me get my mind off the stressful, rainy morning, although it was overwhelming. After class, I learned that reminding yourself that things can get better with a little yoga can result in things turning out well in the end.

The class detailed above is Gentle Flow Yoga with Ashley. Join us every Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM for a gentle class that combines yoga postures, breathing, and meditation. This class is geared toward students who wish to move at a gentler and slower pace. Ideal for beginners, seniors, and those that enjoys a meditative practice.

Our more than 25 live-streaming fitness classes are only available to Virtual 14Y Members. Not a member? Check our affordable Virtual Membership, which is just $29.99 per month for your entire household!


Jacob Waltuck has enjoyed working in the Arts + Culture and Marketing Departments at the 14th Street Y. He also enjoys acting, visual art, and theater, and is involved in employment support programs through JobPath.