Jewish Life

Jewish Life at the 14th Street Y aims to provide experiences for our entire community to engage in activities built on Jewish values.

Our events and experiences across Downtown Manhattan offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a shul regular, seeking to reconnect with your heritage, or exploring Jewish culture for the first time—we welcome you.

The 14th Street Y is a beacon for Jewish life and culture for the East Village and the Lower East Side, the longtime center of American Jewish culture. Our innovative cultural programming features culture makers of all kinds — artists, performers, storytellers, writers.  Through our year long Seasoning of Jewish Culture which creates engagement opportunities year round for cultural celebration to our Season of Jewish Culture which specifically honors the holidays and events programmed in the spring, our take on Jewish Culture will always be inspired, artistic and enjoyable.


Celebrate the Hanukkah with Downtown Jewish Life

Information on Hanukkah celebrations coming soon!


Jewish Arts + Culture

Mystical Feet Company: Secret of the Possible
December 15, 17, 21 and 22 | 7:30 PM
December 16 and 23 | 3:00 PM
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Secret of the Possible is a stage adaptation of three short Jewish tales originating from 18th Century Eastern Europe. The tales are brought to life by a company of seven performers in dance, live music and spoken word.

In the first tale, Effect, we accompany a group of poor, young students who undertake a perilous journey to visit a mysterious storyteller. The surprising “effect” they get from hearing him speak transforms into a mystical story told through dance.

The Merchant of Mezritch explores what happens when a wealthy merchant who has everything, suddenly has nothing. It’s a tale with a recipe about what to do when the “bottom drops out” (maybe kind of like right now?)

The third tale, The All Night Dance, is a comical journey that begins in tragedy but ends in a joyous, swirling, community celebration. Its message is simple and clear: “This is the time to dance!”