Personal Training

Connect with a 14th Street Y personal trainer and change your life for the better

Personal Training

Helping you achieve your fitness goals

Are you looking to get back into your fitness routine, or are you trying to step up your workouts? Our certified professional trainers will work with you virtually to create a custom road map to help you achieve your fitness goals. We now have two ways for you to work with our friendly and knowledgeable trainers:

In-Person Personal Training

The safety of our members is our top priority. The 14Y is adhering to New York State guidelines for health and safety. For In-Person Personal Training, trainers and trainees must follow these guidelines:

  • Trainers and guests must wear face coverings at all times
  • Trainers and guests must maintain six feet of space to the maximum extent possible. Occasional, brief contact that may be closer than six feet may be necessary to address a health or safety risk (e.g., demonstrate exercise, correct form or posture). In any case, close contact must be conducted within the least amount of time possible.
  • Trainers and guests cannot share personal items between one another (e.g., towels).
  • Trainers must clean and disinfect any shared equipment in between use by trainers and patrons (e.g., for equipment demonstrations).
Virtual Personal Training

Get the same accountability, motivation and professional guidance to achieve results in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Virtual Training works a lot like face-to-face training. To learn more about how Virtual Personal Training can work for you, check out our blog post All About Virtual Training.

Personal Training Rates

The rates below reflect rates starting July 1, 2022. The same rates apply for in-person and virtual training sessions.

  • 30 Minute Single Session: $55
  • Five (5) 30-Minute Session Package: $265 ($53/session)
  • Ten (10) 30-Minute Session Package + 1 BONUS session: $550 ($50/session)
  • One-Hour Single Session: $80
  • Five (5) One-Hour Session Package: $380 ($76/session)
  • Ten (10) One-Hour Session Package + 1 BONUS session: $800 ($73/session)

Please Note: We kindly request a 24 hour notice for cancellation of any booked training session, either virtual or in-person.

For more information regarding personal training or to schedule a session, please contact Michael Meehan, General Manager, at


Meet our Personal Trainers

Our certified personal trainers inspire, teach, coach and help achieve a goal, re-energize or move you to the next level.