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Chickenshed NYC is a not-for-profit inclusive children and youth theatre company that enriches the lives of young people within the nurturing environment of a theatrical community.

All programming includes an element of science in the belief that art and science are not only compatible fields but can and do enhance each other.

Core programs include: Adventures from The Shed, interactive musical and puppetry performances for preschoolers and their families; My Little Adventure (MLA), a singing, movement, and storytelling program for preschoolers where each session is its own adventure; and Chickenshed Players (CP), a no-audition theatrical program where participants, guided by professional practitioners, create, devise, workshop, rehearse, and perform two productions a year.

Adventures from The Shed

Immersive, Inclusive Performances for Children Ages 2-5

Adventures from The Shed are informal, lively, and engaging performances filled with singing, dancing, puppetry, storytelling, and a little theatre magic. Each show has a theme, and children are encouraged to share their ideas as the story unfolds.

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My Little Adventure (MLA) | Inclusive Preschool Program: Ages 3-5

Very young children explore the elements of theatre-making in a safe and nurturing environment. Games and activities include songs, movement, puppetry, dramatic play, and some basic ASL (American Sign Language), all under the guidance and leadership of talented practitioners.

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Chickenshed Players | Inclusive Theatre Workshops

CP1: Ages 5-7
Children dive into a world of fun filled games and activities that develop performing arts skills, teamwork, and confidence for a well-rounded growth.

CP2: Ages 7-10 | CP3: Ages 10-13 | CP4: Ages 13-17+
Chickenshed Players puts creativity, passion, and honesty at the heart of the inclusive process to produce life changing theatre, celebrating diversity and providing a welcoming environment for everyone to explore their creativity.

Player groups are youth led and youth guided to ensure that the creative expression of all individuals is heard loud and clear. Young people collaboratively develop and communicate their stories and lived experiences through the medium of theatre. Children and teens take part in two mainstage productions a year.

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