Attention 14Y Members: The building will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 27th. All in-person and virtual classes will be cancelled.


Instructional Classes and Open Play

14Y offers indoor Pickleball classes and open play in our gymnasium.

Check out the fastest-growing sport in the country! 


Spring Session: April 2 – June 18* 

*Registration for the Spring Session is closed

Summer Session I: July 5 – August 2
Summer Session II: August 5 – August 31

Pickleball Levels of Play

Beginner Instruction

This class is designed for inexperienced players to learn to play the game of doubles Pickleball in a supportive environment. Classes will be composed of drills and playing real games. Students will learn the rules, how to keep score, and be ready to play safely with friends and family. No prior experience is required.

Beginner Open-Play

You have graduated from Beginner pickleball instruction and can apply class fundamentals to recreational play. You must know the rules and how to keep score. A net and balls are provided. Participants must bring their own paddle.

Intermediate Open-Play

You have taken the 14Y beginner course, or a comparable program and have been playing consistently for 3+ months. You know the rules, where you stand for serving, and how to keep score. You are starting to apply strategy to your recreational play. We provide the net and indoor pickleballs. Participants must bring their own paddle.

Advanced Open-Play

You are a consistent player and play at the No Volley Zone Line. You assess the abilities of yourself, your teammate, and your opponents. You incorporate strategy into your game. We provide the net and indoor balls. Participants need to bring their own paddles. Age: 18+ It is important that you enroll only according to your skill level for all Pickleball classes and open plays.


If you enroll in a section above or below your skill level you will be removed from that class or open play and entered into the appropriate level class or open play, space permitting.


Basic Pickleball Rules

For a full list of rules, please visit the USA Pickleball website.
Pickleball is played either as doubles (two players per team) or singles.
  • Any fair method can be used to determine which player or team has first choice of side, service, or receive
  • When the ball is served, the receiving team must let it bounce before returning, and then the serving team must let it bounce before returning, thus two bounces. This is called the Two-Bounce Rule, rule eliminates the serve and volley advantage and extends rallies
  • After the ball has bounced once in each team’s court, both teams may either volley the ball (hit the ball before it bounces) or play it off a bounce (ground stroke)
  • Points are scored only by the serving team
  • Games are normally played to 11 points, win by 2

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