New Town Day Camp

For Children Ages 2 – 5

A True-Blue Summer Camp Experience

For Children 2–5 Years

14Y’s New Town Day Camp offers children, ages 2 to 5 years old, a fun, safe, and active daily adventure. 

Information for Summer 2022 is coming in January! 

Camp utilizes many of the 14th Street Y’s wonderful facilities such as our heated pool, outdoor rooftop play space, expansive gymnasium and well-equipped air-conditioned classrooms.

NTDC campers ages three years and older* follow the 14th Street Y’s American Red Cross Learn to Swim program for kids of all skill levels, taught by certified water safety instructors with the help of an additional camp counselor. Daily outdoor activities for all ages take place on our beautifully constructed rooftop playground, complete with sprinkler and shaded area. Campers are divided by age group to maximize children’s social opportunities.

*Our 2’s program does not include any type of swim lessons or sessions in our pool. 2’s have daily water play on our rooftop play area.