Pickup basketball games happen every day at the 14th Street Y

Pickup basketball games happen every day at the 14th Street Y.

Swing by your East Village community center for a drop-in dribble-and-shoot or an impromptu game on our indoor court. Lace up for one of our basketball leagues or classes.

Our full-court schedule includes dedicated times for adult members and for teens, as well as our men’s and women’s leagues. Basketball classes, for kids 5-14 years old, are fun and inclusive, tailored for players of every talent level. Coaches focus on skills and drills, integrity and teamwork.

The 14Y’s Basketball program is currently on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re working on how to safely reopen this program and hope to have more information soon. 

Rules for Open Runs

Member Basketball Full Court Game Rules:
  • Made basket = 2 points
  • Made basket from beyond the 3 point line = 3 points
  • 1st game: First team to 21 points wins
  • All other games: First team to 20 points wins
Clock Rules
  • If more than 10 people are waiting to play, games must be clocked.
  • Games are limited to 12 minutes with no clock stoppages
  • If a game is tied at the final buzzer, go to a 3 minute overtime
  • If a game is tied at the end of overtime, game over, 10 new players
  • Freezing the ball = turnover

After a team’s second consecutive win, the winning team must exit while the losing team may play again.

If more than 10 people are waiting, after a team’s 3rd consecutive win both the winning and losing teams must exit and permit 10 new players to play.

ZogSports CoEd Basketball League

Looking for a place to connect with other young professionals through team sports and playful, healthy competition? Join the ZogSports community by playing in a coed basketball league right here at the 14Y! Join as an individual, with a small group of friends, or a full squad to meet active people and play the sport you love.

Use the code 14YMEMBER20 for 20% off your registration

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Join A Basketball League!

Lace up for one of our basketball leagues that run in the fall, winter, and spring. Joining one of our basketball leagues includes regular season, playoffs, championship game, team shirt, and referee fees.

Registration for the Spring 2020 Basketball Leagues is now open!

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