After School Enrichment


I’m Gabby, a Marketing and Communications Summer Intern at the 14Y through PENCIL, a nonprofit that connects New York City students with professional opportunities. As a student, I am very involved in extracurriculars at school, so I took a particular interest in learning about the 14Y After School program. I’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of enriching after-school programs, and during my time here, I’ve learned that 14Y After School offers the same benefits that I have enjoyed and learned from as a student.

After School at the 14Y is a wonderful program that engages the heads, hands, and hearts of children grades K-5th with innovative and thoughtful programming. The 14Y strives to create a safe and supportive environment where your child’s afternoon is sure to be festive and active under the guidance and care of our welcoming and knowledgeable staff. After School is also open to children of all needs and abilities.

Inclusion at the 14Y

One of the most significant values we uphold is inclusivity.

Mallory Stehle, Director of Youth Programs at the 14Y, says, “The 14Y strives to be an inclusive environment for children of all abilities, especially in our After School program. We are a proud neurodiverse community! As an inclusive program, we provide integrated support throughout our programming to make sure all of the fun is built for everyone.”

Mallory adds, “For children who benefit from more individualized support socially or behaviorally, we have licensed mental health professionals and MSW interns on our team who work with our families to build plans and touch base throughout the year.”

If you are a parent with any questions, comments, concerns, or plan to use ACS or HRA vouchers, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

School Pick-Up Expansion  

For the 2022 – 2023 school year, we are expanding our school pick-ups to make it easier for local families to be a part of the 14Y After School program.

Cat Kenny, Associate Director of Youth Programs and Operations, says, “This year, we will be picking up from lots of neighborhood schools! We currently pick up from PS40, East Village Community School, Children’s Workshop School, PS19, and Success Academy Union Square.”

If we don’t currently offer a pick-up from a school, families are welcome to drop their students off at the 14Y. We are always happy to explore new pick-up options if we have interest from families.

If you would like to see school pick-up expanded to your school, feel free to email us at

Driving Their Own Experience 

More than homework help and healthy snacks, our After School program offers a variety of enrichment activities and classes that children can choose to drive their own experience. “This year, students will participate in two enrichment classes per day that include a variety of activities,” says Meshi Zilberstein, Associate Director of Youth Programs. Check out the list of activities below!

  • Swimming 
  • Cooking 
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Theater
  • Gardening
  • Mad Science 
  • Spanish
  • Martial Arts as well as a number of different 
  • Sports 
  • Arts 
  • Crafting

“Students can also opt to spend a period in the “Homework Room” where they can receive homework help from one of our group leaders,” Meshi adds.

This year, we’re expanding our programming for families interested in Youth Classes separate from our After School programming. Classes like ballet, soccer, tennis, and theater from the inclusive theater company Chickenshed NYC are available to families outside of the After School program, but after schoolers save big and can sign up for an additional fee (50% off the regular class prices).

Making a Splash

One great benefit of an After School program in a community center is access to an indoor heated pool and the 14Y Aquatics program!

Meshi says, “After School students will have the opportunity to sign up for a swim class on Mondays or Fridays. There will be two swim classes on each of these days, one for K-2nd graders and one for 3rd-5th graders. Each class will be 30 minutes long and taught by one of our favorite Group Leaders, Ally, who is a certified swim instructor and our Aquatics Coordinator at New Country Day Camp during the summer. There will be an additional cost of $25 per class.”

Health and Safety 

Ensuring the safety and health of our families and our community is our highest priority. Cat explains, “safety is definitely our number one priority, and we recognize that COVID-19 is still a very real risk. This is why all staff and students in all of our Youth Programs are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

We at the 14Y have implemented and enforced several health and safety protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and are ready to respond as guidelines change.

Financial Accessibility

We strive to make After School as financially accessible as possible, and we accept many vouchers, offer scholarships and financial aid for qualified registrants, and will work with families by offering flexible payment schedules.

Cat reminds us that tuition includes daily homework help, healthy snacks, access to a variety of enrichment activities and the 14Y pool, all in a safe and supportive place for your children to spend their after-school hours until 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Enroll your child in the 14Y After School Program today!

Gabriela Centeno is currently a marketing and communications Intern at the 14Y. Through the help of PENCIL and the Ladders 4 Leaders Program, Gabriela was matched with the 14Y and spent a portion of her summer gaining valuable experience about marketing, blogging, and social media. Gabriela is a junior at Brooklyn College, studying Television/Radio/Emerging Media, and Business Administration.