Celebrating International Youth Day with the 14Y


International Youth Day is a day to celebrate young people’s voices and actions as well as their unique engagement in social issues. In recent years, youth engagement has increased, especially beginning last year, with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of social protests against hate crimes and social outreach in support of small business.

The United Nation’s youth agenda, guided by the World Programme of Action for Youth, covers fifteen priority areas for youth development, including education, health, and leisure-time activities. At the 14Y, we have many youth programs that target these priority areas, such as sports that focus on children’s health and wellness in a fun, low-key setting, as well as engaging youth classes and summer camps for children of all ages.

Lili Voskidis, Senior Director of Youth Programs and New Country Day Camp, talks about her connection to our camps: “Another one of our wonderful youth programs is New Country Day Camp, which I have been a part of for a whopping twenty two years now, starting off as a young camper and eventually becoming a staff member. Now, I am the Senior Director of all Youth Programs, including NCDC. My efforts as a leader stem from my deep passion for shaping positive organizational culture through this program and through our other youth programs where all can thrive.”

During the school year, 14Y’s After School program is an engaging program for students in kindergarten through grade 5. Each afternoon includes homework help as well as supervised activities of the child’s choice focusing on movement, the arts, and intellectual discovery. We also offer Youth Classes taught by specially trained counselors and artists who help children hone their skills and express their creativity.

Catherine Kenny, Manager of School Year Youth Programs, says about the program: “In my past year of working as the 14Y’s After School Program Manager, I am so grateful to have met all of the incredible members of the After School community. I am excited to continue serving this community and watching our students grow throughout the years.”

At the 14Y, we focus on providing children with the care and support they need to thrive. Mallory Stehle, Associate Director of Youth Programs + Inclusion Initiatives, adds, “Since it is International Youth Day, I want to say that I believe it is crucial that young children grow in a nurturing and supportive environment. As a social worker and an inclusion specialist for 14Y’s Youth Programs, I can proudly say that we aim to be as inclusive as possible so that all children can thrive as part of our supportive community.”

The 14Y is excited for the return of After School and Flag Football this fall! For more information on our engaging programs for children, please visit our Youth Programs page.

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