Health And Safety

Working To Keep Our Community Safe

14th Street Y Health And Safety

We are pleased to begin welcoming our community members back to the 14th Street Y.

As 14Y begins unpausing our programs, the health and safety of our community is our top priority. All members, guests, and staff must visit to complete a short health screening questionnaire before entering the building each day. Paper questionnaires will also be available upon request.

Please complete your health screening prior to arrival and show your results to our Health and Safety Monitors who will take your temperature using a touch-less forehead thermometer. This is required for all staff and visitors entering the building.

This page contains information about 14th Street Y’s program protocols for health and safety. Please review this page ahead of your visit. We will update this info as additional programs resume in-person services, so please check back regularly.

  • If you have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms within the previous 24-hour period, you cannot enter the 14Y. 
  • If your temperature check shows that you are running a fever you will not be allowed inside the 14Y.
  • Any community member, including staff and children, demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home and urged to see a healthcare professional for assessment and testing. Children enrolled in the 14Y Preschool will require a doctor’s note before returning to school.  

Staff and members will be informed immediately if a member of our community tests positive for COVID-19. A report will also be submitted to the NYC Department of Health. Individual outreach will be made to anyone who came into close contact with the infected person.

  • All adults and children aged 5 and up are required to wear a face covering and observe social distancing (6 ft) while inside the 14Y. Children over 2 years old but younger than 5 years old are encouraged to wear a mask while inside the 14Y.   
  • A staff member at the Service Desk will manage flow into the lobby to prevent overcrowding. This may require lining up outside the building while maintaining social distance.   
  • Everyone entering the building must complete a brief health screening survey. To complete your survey online before you arrive, click here for the 14th Street Y Guest COVID-19 Self Screening Questionnaire. Upon arrival, show your phone with the screening questionnaire result or fill out a paper form version of this symptom screening and complete a temperature check.   
  • Our Health and Safety Monitors will take your temperature using a touch-less forehead thermometer as you enter the 14Y.
  • In order to limit traffic in our building, only 14Y staff will be permitted on the second, third, and fourth floor as well as the rooftop. Members and guests will be restricted to the first floor only. 
  • Floor markers and signage will indicate which doors are available for entry and exit, how to travel inside the building, and how to observe social distancing. 
  • When you arrive for a workout, you will be admitted to the fitness center at the designated time of your workout. For safety, early arrivals will not enter until the time of the designated reservation.  
  • Guests must observe 6 ft. of distance from each other.   
  • All adults and children aged 5 and up are required to wear a face covering and observe social distancing (6 ft) while inside the 14Y. Face coverings must be properly worn in the building at all times. This means covering the nose and mouth completely. Children over 2 years old but younger than 5 years old are encouraged to wear face coverings. 
  • Visitors must bring their own mask. Please also note that bandannas, gaitors, shields, and buffs are not considered masks by New York City Guidelines and face coverings should be cleaned or replaced regularly. 
  • Please utilize a mask that does not have vents.   
  • Occupancy for all spaces is kept under 33% of maximum capacity.  
  • We will be cleaning shared spaces between uses and have increased cleaning and disinfection of “high touch” surfaces throughout day (door handles, railings, elevator buttons, restrooms, etc.).
  • Hand-sanitizing stations are present in the lobby and other high-foot traffic areas throughout the building.   
  • Deep cleaning of each classroom, studio, and the fitness center spaces will take place each night, including “sprayers” with EPA-registered disinfectants that are known to kill viruses while reducing environmental impact.   
  • Air conditioning units and HVAC system have been adjusted to use higher-rated air filters and to cycle in more fresh air throughout the day.    
    Staff will clean materials and surfaces throughout the day using bleach/soap solution provided by the 14Y.    
  • Mask usage is required the entire time students are in the building, including during time in the classrooms. The only exception is during lunch and snack times at designated tables with 6 ft distance.  
  • Students will wash hands with soap and water when they arrive in the building.   
  • Only one student at a workstation at a time.  
  • Students are required to provide their own learning devices and school supplies. Some supplies will be provided, unique to each child.
  • Students will sanitize their workstations and any shared surfaces with appropriate cleaners provided by 14Y before lunch and after their work is completed.   
  • Members must make a reservation before arriving for your workout. Walk-ins will not be permitted. We are limiting the capacity of the fitness center to 22 members, and three staff members. For detailed instructions on making your reservation, click here.
  • Members must complete a health screening prior to arrival at the 14Y and show their results to our Health and Safety Monitors before entering the building.
  • Members must have their temperature checked by our Health and Safety Monitors using a touch-less forehead thermometer before entering the building.
  • Members will arrive through the lobby and be directed to the 14Y Fitness Center.
  • Mask usage is required the entire time members are in the building, including during all workout activities. Bandanas, buffs, and gaiters are not acceptable face coverings for use in the fitness center.
  • Machines in the Fitness Center will be marked and spaced appropriately for social distancing.
  • Machines will be wiped down with an EPA-approved cleaner between each usage.
  • Please limit the personal items you bring with you, as lockers are unavailable for storing personal belongings.
  • No soft items, such as yoga mats or blocks, will be available for member use. Please bring your own if needed.
  • Our showers and locker rooms are currently closed.
  • For bathroom access while using the fitness center, please use the all gender bathroom at the end of the corridor near the pool.
  • Group Fitness Classes will continue to operate virtually until further notice. Basketball court access is not available at this time.
  • Limited Personal Training is operating by appointment and at limited capacity.
  • Health and Safety Monitors will be present on the Fitness Center floor at all times.
  • Members must wipe down equipment after each use. We appreciate your assistance in keeping our community safe.
  • Shared spaces will be cleaned between uses by a member of our facilities team.
  • All items including toys and educational tools are items that can be washed easily and are sanitized after use.
  • Sensory materials such as clay, play-dough, sand etc. can be used by individual children without sharing (eg. in individual sensory tubs that belong to a single child).
  • Children under 2 years old should not wear face coverings at any time.
  • Children over 2 years old who are medically able are encouraged to appropriately wear masks in the classroom. Mask wearing should be positively reinforced and in no way should be forced or required. Children will not be required to wear a mask while receiving services such as speech therapy or play therapy.



New safety standards and protocols are in place to manage reduced capacity, facilitate social distancing, and reduce traffic. 

  • Mandatory swim session reservations, available in 30-minute session blocks, separated by select time periods in which the pool is closed for cleaning after members exit the area.    
  • Enhanced and frequent cleaning and disinfection throughout the building all day, every day.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available in the 14Y locker rooms and throughout the lobby.  
  • Masks must be worn at all times, except when in the water.
  • Please remain six feet apart from your fellow members at all times.