Learning to Focus with Yoga


On July 20, 2020, after breakfast, I took a yoga class virtually from my country house up in Woodstock.

The instructor for the class, Brina, is a tall and very kind woman who is dedicated to teaching her students. Yoga blocks, a mat, and a belt were needed. I didn’t have blocks, but I could still participate and used a belt to stretch my legs. Fortunately, I also had a mat to exercise on and used two towels to prop myself up.

The first exercise we did was stretching. We stretched our arms and legs to prepared for our class. Some students used the wall to prop themselves up, but I had to use a chair. Next, we tried out different poses such as the Warrior Pose, Downward Dog, and Child’s Pose, followed by more stretching. When I did the Warrior Pose, it felt really good on the arms and legs. With Downward Dog and Child’s Pose, it was the back. The pace of the class was comfortable, not too fast and not too slow.

I did well in class, but the challenging part was trying not to lose my focus. These days, the world can be stressful, especially during a crisis. Resting in Shavasana concluded the lesson and helped me relieve pressure from my mind.

As soon as the lesson was over, I thanked Brina for the class. I learned about connecting my mind with my body, but the most important thing I took away was that learning to focus and slowing down can help manage stress.
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Jacob Waltuck has enjoyed working in the Arts + Culture and Marketing Departments at the 14th Street Y. He also enjoys acting, visual art, and theater, and is involved in employment support programs through JobPath.