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September 29 is National Family Health & Fitness Day, and we at the 14th Street Y want to encourage you to get your heart racing!

National Family Health & Fitness Day was founded in 1996 in order to support one of the goals of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity, which found that as little as 30 minutes of daily exercise can help prevent a whole host of diseases, including coronary heart disease and noninsulin-dependent diabetes.
In the spirit of the occasion, we sat down to talk with Damon Williams, Fitness Manager at the 14th Street Y, about his tips and tricks for a healthy active lifestyle!

What are the benefits of engaging in fitness as a family unit? 
Not only does that build strong bond but engaging in fitness with your kids develops healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Why do people struggle with finding a health and fitness routine? 
I think it’s difficult for a lot of people to maintain routines partly because it can be very confusing to understand how to go about achieving their goals. And once that confusion sets in, analysis paralysis kicks in and people just stop their training. One of the best things you can do is to educate yourself on how to reach your fitness goals so you have a clear idea of the steps to take to accomplish those goals. It makes it a lot easier to stick to it.

The 14th Street Y is currently working on a youth fitness program. How similar is youth fitness programming to adults’? 
It’s pretty similar, because we’re working on developing the foundation of fitness, and that’s the same with kids or adults. So we’re focusing on cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance, but of course when we’re working with kids we’re going to make it a lot more fun. We want to make sure that we challenge and engage the kids in ways they understand, and still sneak in those fitness elements as well.

What are your recommendations for finding joy in fitness and activity? 
The first recommendation I would have is to find something that you actually like to do that incorporates fitness. If you like to swim, come and swim. If you like to walk, walk outside, enjoy the day, and get those arms moving—make it more cardiovascular. And if you want to take it to the next step, recognizing and realizing the benefits of working out improves the enjoyment so much. When you start seeing those results you suddenly start liking it a whole lot more

How does the 14th Street Y promote family fitness? 
The 14th Street Y offers many options to promote family fitness. On our fitness schedule, we start as young as 6 months with our Baby & Me Fitness classes including Baby & Me Barre, Baby & Me Fitness, and Baby & Me Yoga to help connect and bond families with their children from the start. We also have Family Open Gym on Sundays from 12:30 to 3:00 PM, an opportunity for parents and their entire family to come work out and bond together.
Also, members as young as 13 years old are welcome into the gym with their parents, and they can get the same benefits as anyone through our membership. They’re welcome to work out with a personal trainer—we do that all the time.
We’re also in the process of developing Teen Fit Club, where we’re dedicating time for teens to come in and learn the fundamental foundations of fitness.

We hope you find a fun way to make fitness a part of your day! Learn more about how to make the most of 14Y health and fitness programs here.

For questions about the upcoming Teen Fit Club, email Damon Williams at

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