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Upon joining the 14Y Marketing and Communications team as summer interns, we began to explore the various programs the 14Y offers its community—from young children to older adults. As marketing interns, it’s important that we get to know 14Y programs and learn how to talk about our programs to community members like you!

As we started exploring 14Y Early Childhood programs, we quickly realized that researching and selecting the best early childhood education for your child can be a stressful situation – especially when they’re very young in age. That’s why we decided to do the heavy lifting for you and provide insights into the 14Y’s Early Childhood programs, Prelude to Preschool and Preschool.

14Y’s early childhood programs lay the groundwork for an engaging, inclusive, and fun beginning to your child’s academic success while upholding the Jewish values of kindness, respect, and inclusivity. We have two signature programs – Prelude to Preschool for children ages 12-34 months, and Preschool for children turning 2 in September 2022 up to 5 years-old.

An early childhood education gives children a solid foundation to build skills and interests that will carry them through a lifetime of learning. Additionally, they benefit from spending time with other students and adults outside of their families, make friends and build social skills.

14Y Prelude to Preschool

With the help and guidance of our wonderful early childhood staff, children interact and learn from their peers and teachers. Their expertise helps build their confidence, curiosity, and creativity, while our small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratios ensure plenty of individualized attention and support in and out of the classroom.

Prelude to Preschool Programs and Activities

For children ages 12-34 months, our mixed-age program offers art, music, creative movement, storytelling, cooking, and work time in our classrooms. Students participate in gross motor skills time in our sun-filled spaces. Grown-ups can also engage in discussion groups and evening parenting workshops.

One Prelude to Preschool parent told us, I count sending him to prelude as one of the best decisions we have made as parents so far. It really has been an amazing experience for our child. Thank you to you all.”

How do I apply?

We are still accepting applications for the current Prelude to Preschool program for the Full Year (September 2022 – June 2023), which begins September 12, 2022. Apply here.

14Y Preschool

We believe children are natural learners, and we love to help them along the way. Children ages 2 to 5 will learn in a safe and supportive environment where they can be curious, create, and grow.

A happy Preschool family told us:

“You and your teaching team have been instrumental in the girls’ development, sense of self and the joy factor. You have inspired them to create, wonder and make connections. We deeply value each of you and the magical classrooms you created!”

Benefits of attending the 14Y Preschool

Our Preschool program provides children opportunities to learn in ways that interest them and build a positive relationship with learning that will serve them throughout their lives. Our students spend time with other children and adults outside of their families —a great opportunity to build social skills and form relationships to help them learn independence.

Happy parents have voiced their sincere appreciation for the program. One parent of a Preschool graduate reached out to us about their son’s first day of kindergarten to say:

Our son just had his first day of school and came home shouting, ‘I love Kindergarten!’ with the biggest smile on his face. We couldn’t be more thrilled for him. THANK YOU for all your care and patience in your work with him in the 14Y Preschool. It really showed today how prepared he was to take on kindergarten with confidence and joy!”

Programs Offered at the 14Y Preschool

The 14Y’s nurturing educators and staff  welcome your child’s curiosity and provide a variety of opportunities to illustrate their ideas through art or other creative forms. Programs include art, music, and gym. Learn more about all that the 14Y Preschool has to offer.

Applying for the 14Y Preschool

If your child is 2 by September 2023, we welcome you to apply for the Preschool 2023 – 2024 school year.

We’re also still accepting applications for the current 2022-2023 school year, which begins September 12, 2022. Learn more and apply here.

How can I learn more about Prelude to Preschool and Preschool?

We invite you to a preview of our programs by booking an in-person or virtual tour with Catherine Wenglowski, Manager of Early Childhood Admissions. To schedule a tour, please email to or calling 646-395 4327. This is a great opportunity to have all your questions answered and see the space where your children can thrive.

Health and Safety

At the 14Y, safety is always a priority. We have implemented policies and procedures to keep our children and families safe while being a warm and nurturing environment. We have made changes, including smaller class sizes, new HVAC filters, and require all staff to be fully vaccinated. Click here to learn more about the health and safety guidelines at the 14Y.

Children have wonderfully active imaginations, and we strive to create an environment where that curiosity is supported in classrooms led by early childhood professionals–where children are respected, trusted, and lovingly encouraged to work through challenges.

About authors Michelle Tam and Gabriela Centeno

Michelle Tam is a marketing and communications intern at the 14Y with the help of Pencil, a New York City-based non-profit that help students to connect with work opportunities and future work/life success. Michelle says that Pencil gave her the opportunity to work with and learn from the 14Y while assisting them with a variety of marketing projects to help expand her knowledge and fields of interest. Michelle is a senior at Baruch College studying marketing management.

Gabriela Centeno is currently a marketing and communications Intern at the 14Y. Through the help of Pencil and the Ladders 4 Leaders Program, Gabriela was matched with the 14Y and spent a portion of her summer gaining valuable experience about marketing, blogging, and social media. Gabriela is a junior at Brooklyn College, studying Television/Radio/Emerging Media, and Business Administration.