Functional Butts and Guts


After taking two virtual yoga classes, I decided to take my third class, Functional Butts and Guts. This is a low impact class that focuses on strengthening the glutes, hips, abdominal, low back and oblique muscles, followed by a recuperating stretch. I chose it in order to push the boundaries of exercise and to take care of my mind and body.

The day of the virtual class was pretty rough because I had a very busy schedule. I had to rush to get to my class that morning but, fortunately, I made it on time. Unlike yoga class, only a mat was needed.

A tall, strong man named Brad taught our class. The first exercise we did involved thirty jumping jacks. These were good for the arms and legs, and helped loosen up the body.

Next, we did squats, extending our arms as we sank down. The squats almost helped to break a sweat. Then, we did leg stretches, which were good for the tendons.

We also did planks and push-ups, which helped strengthen the body.

Finally, the class ended with a rest session. It involved lying on our backs and resting to let off stress.

Functional Butts and Guts was a little more intense than yoga class because I had to push even harder. While yoga was mostly about mental exercise, Functional Butts and Guts was mostly physical exercise. It felt good, but a little overwhelming. I was able to keep my cool in spite of that.

I really enjoyed the class! It was wonderful because it’s always nice to exercise first thing in the morning. Personally, I run every morning to relieve stress and stay healthy during the pandemic.

I learned from Functional Butts and Guts that too much pressure can interfere with your focus, but exercise routines can help, even in stressful situations. Simply put, this is an exercise class we all need!

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Jacob Waltuck has enjoyed working in the Arts + Culture and Marketing Departments at the 14th Street Y. He also enjoys acting, visual art, and theater, and is involved in employment support programs through JobPath.