Program Units

Program Units

Our 14 specialized units are run by creative, passionate, and experienced teaching artists and educators that build curricula rooted in nature and guided by Jewish values. As campers get older at NCDC, they have increased opportunities to choose how they spend their time in unit programming.

Campers in Tumbleroot are provided the option to taste each program unit once a week during afternoon choice time programming. In the morning, they work with Tumbleroot program specialists who run early childhood friendly activities.

Campers in Featherstone have the ability to select the unit they would like to focus on each week, and also rotate through each program during daily scheduled activities with their Featherstone groups so they can get a taste of everything that NCDC has to offer—including the programs they didn’t know they would love!

In addition to signing up for their weekly elective unit, Thundercreek campers have the added privilege of choosing a 30 minute daily unit activity in order to participate in multiple programs they are passionate about.


Campers in Build will learn all about the safe use of hand tools, and have the unique satisfaction of creating birdhouses to picnic tables- all out of wood.


In Movement, campers use their bodies in all kinds of expressive ways– dancing, tumbling, bouncing, racing, and rolling- in activities ranging from ballet to yoga to gymnastics to parkour! 

News & Film

Campers will investigate, interview and report on all the goings-on at NCDC! They’ll do their reporting in writing, photography, podcasting, and digital video!


Bravo! Our young thespians will learn theater games, stage acting techniques, and improv, and have the chance to write and perform original works for their fellow campers! 

Art & Design

In Art & Design, campers will express themselves in paintings, drawings, sculpture, collage, sewing, prints, and more! 


Laba is the Hebrew word for lava, and LABA is the place at NCDC where ideas bubble up! Here, campers learn about camp’s Jewish values and our weekly themes, and reflect on them through physical activities, and hands-on projects. Each Friday, we’ll honor our learning together at our Shabbat celebration! 

Wilderness & Garden

Campers in W&G will learn all about how things grow, in the woods and in the vegetable patch. We’ll explore our gorgeous setting in Staten Island’s Greenbelt, study the environment around us, and tend to our beautiful garden featuring native fruits, vegetables, herbs and pollinator plants. 


Music lovers will write their own songs, play a variety of instruments, and have opportunities to help lead camp music programming in the NCDC band! 


Cooking is back! We’re so excited to once again offer our camper chefs the chance to learn about food and nutrition, and prepare and taste dishes inquiries by cuisines from around the world! 

Team Sports

Campers will learn rules for and play a variety of team sports and field games- soccer, kickball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, capture the flag, and more–all with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fun! 


In our Imagination program, campers will invent characters and explore unknown worlds in role-playing games inspired by fantasy, science fiction, and, well- anything in their imagination! 

Independent Sports

New for 2022! In Indie Sports, camper athletes will compete against their fiercest rivals: themselves! We’ll focus on one-person events like track and field, skateboarding, and martial arts, as well as one-on-one sports like tennis, handball, and more! 

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