Program Units

Program Units

This summer we’re bringing back campers’ all-time favorite units, and introducing some new options! Our 12 specialized units are run by creative, passionate, and experienced teaching artists and educators that build curricula rooted in nature and guided by Jewish values. As campers get older at NCDC, they have increased opportunities to choose how they spend their time in unit programming.

Campers in Tumbleroot are provided the option to taste each program unit once a week during afternoon choice time programming. In the morning, they work with Tumbleroot program specialists who run early childhood friendly activities.

Campers in Featherstone have the ability to select the unit they would like to focus on each week, and also rotate through each program during daily scheduled activities with their Featherstone groups so they can get a taste of everything that NCDC has to offer- including the programs they didn’t know they would love!

In addition to signing up for their weekly elective unit, Thundercreek campers have the added privilege of choosing a 30 minute daily unit activity in order to participate in multiple programs they are passionate about.

Build – New in 2019!

Campers will develop design and construction skills for hand-tool woodworking and architecture, and learn all about workshop safety!


Gymnastics, dance, & yoga will excite your camper who can’t get enough movement in their day!

News & Film

Campers will learn how to plan & create written and film projects about what is going on around camp, using interviews, reporting, & digital film making techniques.


Bravo! Future actors & actresses will learn theater games, stage acting techniques, and improv, and have the chance to perform for their fellow campers!

Art & Design

Using multiple techniques and materials, campers will tap into their inner artist and create unique masterpieces!

Sustainable Cooking & Gardening – New in 2019!

In our new farm-to-table culinary skills program, campers will learn open-air cooking techniques including kitchen safety using ingredients they grow and harvest themselves in the NCDC garden!


Campers will experience the nature surrounding them while catching frogs, hiking, identifying local plants, & becoming skilled at camping essentials!

Music – New in 2019!

Mini musicians will learn and practice guitar and singing, and have opportunities to help lead camp singing activities with small and large groups!

Earth Science

With our setting in the beautiful Staten Island Greenbelt, campers will use the scientific method to study the environment around us.


Campers will learn rules for and play a variety of team sports and field games, with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fun!

Martial Arts

Kee-yah! Campers will learn focus, respect, & self-confidence as they study martial arts techniques like sequence exercises & board-breaking.


Let your campers’ imaginations come to life with our creative nature play and story-telling activities. From foam sword fencing to camp-wide live action role playing games, campers are guaranteed to come home tired, dirty, & happy!

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