Special Memories with Dad


Father’s Day is on June 19, and I would like to discuss wonderful memories I have shared with my father. One of them was the time my dad took me on a trip to Istanbul from January 5-11, 2013, as a gift after I graduated college prep. Needless to say, there are few things more powerful than familial – or in this case, a father’s – love, which can transport you to wonderful worlds and create beautiful memories.

A Memorable Trip to Istanbul

On January 6, a day after we arrived in Istanbul, my father and I outwitted a pushy rug seller while exploring the Grand Bazaar. Afterwards, we explored two of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks – the Hagia Sophia Mosque and the Topkapi Palace Museum.

The next day, we went to Turkish baths that warmed us down to our toes before having dinner at a restaurant that looked like a medieval castle. On January 8, we explored the Archaeology Museum and a sultan’s palace. And on the ninth we explored some mosques, the Mosaic Museum, and some bazaars.

Every morning we were there, we could hear the Muslim call to prayer ringing through the city.

On January 10, our last full day in Istanbul, we went on a boat tour. We also explored the Maiden’s Tower, which told stories of fearless heroines, including a princess who outwits an evil bandit. Finally, we went to an awesome and beautiful restaurant. There, we were greeted with beautiful belly dancing and Turkish folk dancing. One of the dancers even pulled me up onto the stage and we danced together.

All in all, going to Istanbul with my father was like being immersed in an Arabian Nights folktale. This showed how much my father helped me cultivate my love for travel and exploring other cultures.

In the Kitchen with Dad

Another positive memory I have with my father was when he taught me how to cook delicious meals. He still does it to this day. This emphasizes how much he was willing to pass on his gift of culinary arts to me. My dad used to own a record-setting restaurant, Chanterelle, and now he works as a culinary teacher. Two of my favorite foods to make with my dad are gumbo and dumplings, because eating his meals are like tasting other cultures.

Which memories with your dads are the most special to you?