Celebrating Father’s Day


Father’s Day is on June 20. This is a time where we cherish the fathers and father figures who care about us. Every person has their special way of celebrating Father’s Day. I asked a few people I work with to share how they honor their fathers.

Seth, my mentor, says: “My celebration will be spending some time with my dad on the phone, and sending him a book about some craft and gardening projects. He likes working with his hands, and he will be retiring from his job soon, so he is excited to start some personal projects! He’s a hard working guy, and he deserves all the good credit coming his way.”

Jaci, my supervisor, says: “I’ll be spending Father’s Day with my dad, Marc, in New Jersey. I’m grateful to live close enough to see him, especially now that we’re all vaccinated. My dad is the absolute greatest. He’s one of the smartest people I know and he’s the kindest, most patient person. He’s a quirky guy—a total history buff and a numismatist (someone who collects coins). He also knows his way around NYC better than anyone since he was a NYC taxicab driver for 40 years!

I want to make this Father’s Day extra special for him this year since he’s recovering from a successful surgery. We’ll most likely go for a nice long walk, play a few board games with my family including my 8-year-old nephew, and enjoy a nice dinner. I have a feeling he’ll want to do some fun take-out, perhaps some tasty Peruvian or Indian food. Love you, dad! Happy Father’s Day!”

Jacob Ross, my colleague, says: “On Father’s Day, I’ll go to my dad’s house in Washington Heights so my stepbrother, Brendan, and I can spend the day with him. I’ll get there in time for us to make eggs and French toast together for brunch. I’ll play with his cat, Alice—a British shorthair who meows a lot. Then we’ll walk around Fort Washington Park and catch up. Later on we’ll get Mexican food. My dad and I both love burritos.

I don’t live with my dad, but before the pandemic we’d have weekly dinners together to stay in touch. For the last year and a half though, we haven’t seen as much of each other, so Father’s Day this year will feel extra special. I love spending time with my dad. He always shows me kindness and treats me with respect. He makes me laugh with his dad jokes. He means a lot to me and I couldn’t be more excited to be celebrating this day with him!”

For Father’s Day this year, my mom, dad and I are going to see the show “Fame.” I’m also going to make a card for my father, who is a kind and funny man. He has been inspiring me since his days as a record-setting chef.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!