The 14Y Welcomes Inclusion Benefits Coordinator


We’re thrilled to welcome a new grant-funded staff member to the 14th Street Y: Cayle White. A Certified Benefits and Work Incentives Practitioner, Cayle has joined the 14Y on a part-time basis as a Benefits Coordinator to support families and individuals with disabilities in navigating the channels of the state Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and other federal agencies to obtain much needed funding and services. We’re happy to have Cayle on the 14Y Blog to introduce herself and talk more about the vital services she provides for our community.

My name is Cayle White, and I am excited to be working with families at the 14th Street Y! I am a Certified Work Incentives and Benefits Practitioner. I have accreditation from the Cornell Yang-Tan Institute and have undergone several professional trainings through the OPWDD and other community-based organizations. I am familiar with navigating the channels of the OPWDD as well as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security-based programs.

The 14Y has developed a special reputation for its vibrant and inclusive community. My family also has a personal connection to the 14Y dating back two decades, since it was the location of my oldest son’s preschool. It has always felt to us like a “home away from home” for us, and I am happy to help welcome even more families into the 14Y community. I am fortunate to benefit from a very generous grant that allows me to work with the 14Y and the JCC of Manhattan simultaneously.

As the parent of special needs children and the sibling of a disabled brother, I bring years of personal experience to this new position. They provide me the perspective that many of our families share, and inspire me to work hard to ensure that everyone obtains the funding and services that they need to thrive and be successful in life.

Families and individuals who would like to learn more about any issue related to the OPWDD are welcome to reach out to me. I can help you navigate issues such as eligibility, how to apply and the types of services available, or if you are stuck somewhere in the process. Please reach me by email