The Stray: Kid Reviewed, Henry Approved


There are a ton of shows happening this season at the Theater at the 14th Street Y – and there really is something for everyone, including children. When I discovered there’d be a full lineup of shows as part of the Theater for Families series, I knew exactly who should go see them all.

So this past Sunday, my boisterous seven-year-old nephew Henry traveled all the way to the 14Y Theater from New Jersey with him mom to see The Stray. After he enjoyed the 60 minute musical, I spoke with Henry to learn what he thought about the show.

So Henry, can you tell us a bit about the show you just saw, the name of it and what you liked?

Sure, it was called The Stray, and it was very long.

It was? Was it too long?

No! I didn’t even need to go to the bathroom for the whole show, so it wasn’t too long. But it was long.

What was the show about?

The show was like an old movie that happened.

Really? It takes place a long time ago?

Kind of, and there were a lot of characters, a lot of people, and a lot of nice things.

Was there music?

Yes, they all sing songs, they were very good.

What was your favorite part of the show?

The end – the people came together and sang. It was a good song. I liked the singing and seeing them do all kinds of stuff. The show was nice!

Did anything else happen that you liked?

Well there was a mommy and daddy, and they wanted their friends to be real growlers cause they’re wolves. They were supposed to scare the tiny bunny.

Wow, that sounds scary! Was it scary to watch?

No, it was funny cause the bunny was a puppet!

There were puppets in the show?

Yeah, there were.

You would go see it again?


So, would you recommend that other boys and girls go see The Stray?

Yeah! Wait! They have this show again this weekend? [I explained that this show is happening for just one more weekend] Wow! With the same people?

Yes, Henry, this show is happening for one more weekend. Is that a good thing?

That’s amazing!

Is there anything else you want to share with us about The Stray?

Tell everybody, every worker who works about the show. If you go see it, it was a nice show. Tell them we hope you see it next time!
Also, why did you miss The Stray? Why would you ever miss this show?!

So you’re saying I missed a good show?

Yeah, if you don’t see the show, then you missed a way good show that just happened.

Here are some tips about The Stray:
If you been to this show, thank you and come again!
And if you haven’t come, then come, or else!!

Also, my name is Henry and I’m seven years old. I hope I see you next time!

Oh and did you see what they did? Do you know what my picture looked like? That’s everyone who did the whole show!!
(In reference to the photos my sister took of Henry with the cast of The Stray, highlighted below)

The Stray // family theater

September 28 – October 6

The conflict between wolves and humans has existed for years, but can an unlikely friendship mend the rift between them? A new folk musical about love, loss, and the power of understanding, “The Stray” shows us growing pains lead to remarkable change.


Recommended for ages 5-9.

Adults: $30
Children: $20
Discount Family Pack (4 tickets): $70
Running Time: 60 minutes
No Intermission