Your Story, My Story


So, here I am, 46 with an Aussie husband, a brownstone that needs TLC in Brooklyn, and—most importantly—twin girls (literally and figuratively)—my literal twins are edging into puberty, bras, periods, and mood swings, while my other twins (breasts that sidle up to a mammo the way my male friends sidle up to their local barman—how you doing?  Good today? Seen a lot of action here?) are giving me an equally tough time.

Let’s just say I’ve been there. I’m a two-time breast cancer survivor (what ever that word means because don’t we survive everyday) who knows Sloan Kettering like the back of my hand. And every restaurant within spit distance. I’ve handled it with good friends and family at my side, and—as strange as it may sound—with comedy. Because the big C doesn’t get to take the other C out of my life.

If you’re like me, and aren’t we all sisters at the end of the day, your life is messy and complicated and full of stuff—stuff that has to get done, lists that demand your attention, deadlines, commitments, cellphones ringing and buzzing and beeping while small children yell your name…you name it, you’ve got it in your life. And now you’re in the fight of your life for your life.

So, let me introduce you to In Kind Space. It’s an app that I developed during my treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer (cue the music). It’s an app for every moment that you’re in— from diagnosis, treatment, to wellness and healthy living. It’s an app where you get to ask for help with everything you need while you kick cancer’s ass. And everyone treats you with queenly kindness.

There’s a serious story behind In Kind Space. It’s your story and my story. We all know that story. But, after two rounds with cancer, I say “excuse me for a moment while I laugh myself silly” because every once in a while, the most serious and taboo subjects, like breast cancer, need to be laughed at. They must be laughed at in spite of and because of their seriousness. Just ask my doctors. They have me booked at Sloane every other Wednesday and Friday. So, I hope you check out In Kind Space’s features. They exist to help you, your family, and friends deal with each moment of this most intense and overwhelming experience. And, I promise along the way, if we can’t make you laugh, we’ll help you smile on the tough days.


Monday, January 28 | 7:30 PM

Join #NastyWomen and In Kind Space for an uproarious night of comedy featuring fierce female comics and storytellers. While empowering women impacted by breast cancer, we will celebrate the healing power of laughter and community.



About InKind Space

There are so many ways to support someone going through cancer–In Kind Space helps your crew help you best–while providing a seamless experience for beginning, during and beyond cancer. Learn more at