Getting Real with Amanda Duarte


14th Street Y’s Associate Artistic Director, David Stallings, sat down with the ferocious Emcee of #NastyWomen, Amanda Duarte* of Pussy Grabs Back, to get her take on our upcoming comedy series.

David: #NastyWomen was the brainchild of my colleague, Laura Newmark. Many people were nervous about bringing in Stand-Up Comedy with adult content to our Community Center, but the first event sold out within days of tickets going on sale. Why do you think people are hungry for the humor and honesty this event brings?

Amanda: In these times, humor and honesty are all a lot of us have. We’re hungry for voices that speak previously unspoken truths, and comedy is the sugar that helps the medicine go down.

David: What is it about comedy that cuts through the noise we hear in politics today?

Amanda: Comedy touches that G-spot in our collective unconscious that reminds us that we are all connected. It rallies and unites people in a way that really nothing else can. Op-eds and think pieces are great, of course, and we all need to stay as informed as possible, but the magic happens when all that information is boiled down to its essence, held up to the light, and poked at that G-spot. People laugh when they feel seen, and we all really need to feel seen right now.

David: This is your second time hosting a #NastyWomen. What was your first experience like? What can we expect this time around?

Amanda: The first time was great! The comics were so diverse and funny, we gave away some awesome prizes, and I talked a lot about my resurgent 43-year-old-divorcee sex life, which people really want to hear about. I was rather surprised by the low turnout of gay men, which are my primary audience demographic, so expect me to threaten a lot of them with physical harm if they don’t show up for this next one. We show up for you, boys!

David: It seems the only way I have been able to cope with the state of the world since the election is through taking part in civic action and frankly watching comedy shows addressing politics. I can’t use entertainment to disengage anymore. I actually crave the opposite. What final thoughts do you have for our readers on what motivates you as an artist and activist?

Amanda: I see as much art and performance as possible, I make my signs and hit the streets, I call my reps, I sign the petitions, and I support artists and activists that I believe in and try to signal boost as many of them as I can.



Join us on Monday, June 4, to see Amanda host #NastyWomen. 

#NastyWomen – A Night of Female Resistance Comedy

Presented by Educational Alliance and The 14th Street Y in partnership with Jewish Plays Project
Monday, June 4 | 7:30 PM

Comedy meets theater in the third #NastyWomen Show.

Join us for an all-female ensemble of stand-up comedians, a special comedic theater performance of I and J, and free haikus by Haiku Gals.

Amanda Duarte will host this evening of political comedy featuring three ferocious female voices: Anna Drezen, Gina Yashere, and Maria Shehata.


Ticket Prices: $30/In Advance & $35/At Door
Running Time: 90 minutes
No Intermission


*The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the comedian and do not necessarily reflect those of the 14th Street Y or the Educational Alliance.