At New Country Day Camp, we cherish an inclusive and joyous community, extending an open invitation to all under our expansive Open Tent.

Our Open Tent Judaism ethos draws inspiration from the welcoming spirit of Abraham and Sarah’s tent, where all were embraced, irrespective of their backgrounds or prior knowledge. This spirit is alive and well at New Country Day Camp, where our tent is open to campers of all abilities and needs.

We take a personalized approach to every child, meeting them where they are. This means providing support and guidance to neurotypical and neurodivergent youth, with or without diagnoses like Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, as well as addressing sensory, behavioral, and mental health needs.

Since 2014, our Support Program has empowered campers with additional needs to thrive in a supportive camp environment. Our dedicated Support team collaborates with families to create Individualized Camper Plans (ICPs). These plans are crafted during pre-camp meetings with your division’s Support Supervisor, where we discuss potential areas of support and strategies that have proven effective at school, home, and other recreational settings. Together, we ensure that every camper has a fulfilling and enriching camp experience.

Support and Camper Integration

Our Support Program is committed to providing a supportive and enriching experience for our campers. Campers enrolled in this program benefit from a 1:3 support ratio, receiving dedicated assistance from our exceptional Support and Inclusion Counselors. Our counselors are passionate about working with children and bring valuable expertise from backgrounds in social work, special needs education, and other mental health fields.

While we are unable to provide 1:1 support at this time, we welcome campers to have a SEIT, paraprofessional, or a care provider accompany them throughout the camp day. Please reach out to our team, and we will be happy to assist in arranging this support dynamic.

Participating in our Support Program comes at no additional cost. We uphold a strong commitment to inclusivity, so there is no separation between supported and general enrollments. Our inclusive program fosters a positive, supportive, and neurodiverse community—one that not only offers accommodations when needed but also celebrates the uniqueness of each camper.

To explore if we can appropriately support your child, please contact our camp team directly at (646) 395-4357 or via email at

We are grateful for the generous support of the Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation, which helps us provide these valuable inclusion services. 

Our Commitment to Support:
  • Comprehensive Staff Training: Our staff undergo training during Staff Orientation to learn and implement best practices for creating an inclusive camp environment.
  • Dedicated Support Teams: Each camp division has its own dedicated Support Team, consisting of a Support Supervisor and Support and Inclusion Counselors, available throughout the entire camp day.
  • Low Camper-to-Counselor Ratios: We maintain low camper-to-Support and Inclusion Counselor ratios of 3:1 to ensure individualized attention and care.
  • Advanced Planning: We provide weekly schedules well in advance, allowing campers and their families to prepare for each week’s activities.
  • Visual Schedules: Visual schedules are available at camp to aid campers in understanding and following the daily routines.
  • Sensory Support: We offer fidgets and noise-cancelling headphones for all campers to borrow, promoting comfort and focus.
  • ‘Calm Corners’: Throughout camp, ‘Calm Corners’ are strategically placed, providing a quiet and calming space for campers who may need a break.
  • Alternate Programming: During our Maccabi games, we provide alternative programming to ensure all campers can participate and enjoy the camp experience to the fullest.


The Camp Environment

While we’re so lucky to embrace the great outdoors and escape the city, it’s important to acknowledge the impact of the camp environment on the overall experience. Our camp is fully immersed in nature, and this means that the natural elements, such as weather, rocks, sticks, dirt, and mud, are integral to our day-to-day adventures. Additionally, the bus ride to and from camp and the unstructured time during the day can be a sensory-rich experience, which may be overwhelming for some campers.

It’s crucial to remember that camp is not like school, so please take time to think through how your camper might respond to the camp environment. Our camp environment might not be the right fit for your camper, and that’s perfectly okay!

What our families say…