Finding a Positive Role Model in the Modern Age


We admire certain people like our friends and family, but we also live in a time ruled by mass media. Media is a facet of our daily lives, but it shouldn’t take the place of connecting with other people. Nowadays, finding a positive role model or mentor isn’t always easy, especially those we want our children, as well as ourselves, to look up to.


Some onscreen characters are very enjoyable and positive. But they’re much more simplistic than real people like our mentors, which is why using them as role models can be unhelpful. While there are some positive characters like Disney’s Moana, many characters aren’t good examples of how we should behave or handle situations in real life

We are drawn to celebrities for the way they’re depicted in the media, but there are celebrities that people use as role models that probably shouldn’t be. However, there are also plenty of awesome celebrity role models like Malala Yousafzai, Temple Grandin, and Amanda Gorman.

These individuals have been helping draw attention to human rights and how to cope and excel with disabilities and other conditions. For example, Yousafzai uses a cochlear implant, Grandin has high-functioning autism, and Gorman dealt with auditory processing disorder, yet she became a famous poet.

Simply put, characters and celebrities are people we are drawn to. But it’s important to be careful about who we choose to admire. This is the same with historical figures, as they are often defined by one personality trait or deed.


Everyone is complex, and the people we love and care about are not like the people we often see on screen since they aren’t simplistic. The best people to look up to and model ourselves after are the ones we care about and love, like our friends, teachers, mentors, and families. We can also care about and look up to people we love who passed away.

For me, my parents and big sister are some of my role models. They show others that they care and handle demanding situations by using kind words. My parents and sister also keep moving forward, do not let their problems get the better of them, and even carry out good deeds. For instance, my mom once saved a man’s life after he fell down the stairs in the subway.

My mentors are also wonderful role models. They help me handle stressful circumstances like global changes and the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Simply put, they emphasize the fact that wisdom and learning are meant to guide us.

Nobody’s perfect, but what’s important is the way we treat others and cope with tough situations. We also look up to people for the way they handle their mistakes.

Since this is National Mentoring Month, let’s take the time to honor the positive people who guide us. We live in a world where media tells us who we should relate to and emulate. But it’s important to think about mentors and role models who set positive examples for us and themselves. Being the best versions of ourselves is important. My mentors have inspired me to be more self-aware.

What kind of person do you want to be?