The Importance of Being Grateful


It’s not always easy to see the good in things, especially when we’ve all been through such stressful times and overwhelming situations. However – there are plenty of things to be grateful for in our everyday lives. This is something I (Jacob Waltuck) would like to discuss, since Thanksgiving Day – a special holiday about expressing gratitude – is on Thursday. So my friend Jacob Ross and I asked people in the 14th Street Y community, from staff to members of the Alliance Stage Company to Sirovich Seniors, about what they are grateful and thankful for.

As you can see from the responses, they opened our eyes to so many reasons! Make sure to scroll to the end to see them all.


I’m grateful and thankful for the love of my friends and family, and the fact that we’re finally coming together again for Thanksgiving Day and the holiday season after being vaccinated.


I am thankful for my family and friends and friendship. I’m grateful for my health and to have the opportunity to spend the holiday with loved ones.


I’m grateful for my health and to have the opportunity to spend the holiday with loved ones.


I’m most thankful for my entire family being vaccinated so we can come together to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, something we couldn’t do last year.


I’m thankful for my two boys – they are growing up to be such awesome guys! I am also thankful for the vaccine and love to see things continue the path back to normal life!


This is cool! I am so thankful for my baby daughter! And our new little family. And her first holiday season!


I am thankful to begin returning to in-person classes with the Alliance Stage Company!


I am thankful for COVID vaccinations! A year ago, it was unimaginable to me that we’d have a vaccine already, and it has made me feel so much safer than before.


Here’s what I’m grateful for: the good health and safety of loved ones, the kindness of strangers, a roof over my head and food on the table.


I’m grateful for my health and for being vaccinated.


I’m grateful for my family and friends who have supported me with school, with life, and especially during COVID.


I’m grateful for my son, Harrison.


I’m grateful for my job.


I’m grateful for my family, my health, and all my friends, and I’m grateful to be living in a free country.


I’m grateful for my promotion!


I’m grateful to have my life, to have family and friends. I’m grateful that I’m still breathing.


I’m grateful that my family survived the lockdown intact. We live in Stuytown and were there the whole time, and we are happy and grateful to be in the community.


I am grateful for my very best friend for always stepping in when I need something. She is very dedicated and I am grateful. I have found that with all the things that have happened in my life, if my particular family didn’t share that idiotic way of laughing over everything, I don’t know how we would have gotten through. In the end we always laughed and we cried, and we got on with it.


I am grateful for baby QT. He got me through the pandemic, the only companion that I had was baby QT, and I am very grateful for him. And of course, to my niece who has been calling me everyday.


I am grateful everyday for Sirovich. It has gotten me through so much.


Grateful for my family.


I am grateful for Cory. He has been so encouraging and inspiring and pushing me to go on. He doesn’t let me get away with anything. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I am grateful for my daughter, I am grateful for Sarei, Cory, and Hannah who helps me around the house. Molly calls to check on me. I am grateful that I have people at this point in my life that call me and check up on me.


I am grateful for the wonderful people that I’ve met through these programs. And Elaine, I am grateful for you too.


One thing I am grateful for in myself is my sense of humor. I think my sense of humor gets me through things what would otherwise be trouble. I am grateful for the whole lot of you, all of you.


I’d like to express my gratitude to myself for my drive for self-care. That has been especially important through the pandemic to follow through on exercise, eating well, and staying connected.


Not only does Cory do a wonderful class, he creates a family feeling. And that is really important in light of what people are saying in terms of being alone. I am grateful to embrace everything, every moment exactly how it happens. And the ability to deal with it. That’s what I am grateful for.


I am grateful for all of my grandchildren, We share all the things, we do puzzles, we watch TV. The second thing I am grateful for is the acting director Cory, we have a good time. He’s so patient with us and I am very happy with all my memories in the action drama class and I am happy to have them every Thursday.


Someone recently asked me if I could guess how old I am. How old would I be? I have a young mind. I am very curious I want to know to about everything. I also like to make things, I have designed clothes and all kinds of stuff. I do find humor both in myself and in the world. I am also thankful for you Cory, who is very good at what he does.


I am grateful that I can give love and receive love to our one and only son.


My life is very good. I love where I live, I love the family I have left. I love singing with the group, I love the drama. I never even thought I could sing and show some emotion. I love to dance, I have a trainer, and life is very good!


I was never a person to notice nature as much as I do now. I am so grateful for the park by my house. I notice peoples faces when they are happy, when they are searching , when they are sad. It is easier now to talk to strangers than it has been ever before.


I am very grateful that I’ve learned with the help of my friends and my partner, to show me that I am a fighter, I have been fighting for my life. My role model being RBG, who I was for Halloween. Thank you to everyone of you who helped me do that and realized that I can do that


First and foremost, I am grateful for my family. I have to give a shoutout to Karen, who I met at a lunch. She invited me to the drama class and I decided to go and it was a very welcome environment and I appreciate that. Cory was very instrumental to make sure that atmosphere continue. I also want to say that I am grateful that happy hour is back.


I am grateful for all my wonderful teachers at the Sirovich Center and being able to participate in today’s festival.


I am grateful for Rosa, my mother and best friend, a beautiful caring woman whose love of daily phone calls and cream puffs made my life sweeter.


I am grateful for Esther, my talented mother, who gave me a sense of purpose, creativity, faith—and the burden of perfectionism.


I am grateful for my mother, Augusta, who gave me deep love.


I am grateful for my sisters, who taught me love, courage, and devotion to our family.


I am grateful for Mary, my maternal grandmother, who was the embodiment of strength, wisdom, and delicious Sicilian cuisine.


I am grateful for Esther, my grandmother, who taught me Yiddish culture, strength, and the importance of family.


I am grateful for Norma, my mother, a secretary for the Manhattan Project widowed in her 20s, who had undying strength, unconditional love, a passion for theater, and knack for thinking outside the box.


I am grateful for Murray, my father, and Shirley, my aunt, along with their work ethic, love of education, and kindness.


I am grateful for Rae and Ben. They never gave up on their dreams and were always kind to everyone.


I am grateful for Leon, my husband. He boosted my self-confidence, was a great father, and we shared a lot of laughter.


I am grateful for Lou, my father. He gave me my love of classical music and theatre; taught me to accept everyone for who they are despite our differences; a sense of humor, irony, and sarcasm.


I am grateful for Haspel, my father. His excellence, achievement, and endless affection.


I am grateful for Ruth, an older sister I loved. She bathed me and clothed me then worked without pay when I started my business.


I am grateful for my grandmother, Yetta.  Quirky, judgmental with a love of singing. Strong despite unspeakable grief.


I am grateful for my grandfather. He taught me love, to work hard, and to never complain.


I am grateful for my sister Shirley, nine years my senior, her art of laughing and her noodle pudding.


I am grateful for Diana and her tolerance, crafts, and personal talents.


I am grateful for my grandfather, Izzy, a union activist loved by all.


I am grateful for my husband, David, and his acceptance of all people for who they are.


I am grateful for Louise. Her values, her choice to always do right, and her delicious icebox cheesecake.


I am grateful for the love of my only sister, Sandra, and her passion for shopping and learning.


I am grateful for Mable who was loved by all, a great storyteller, and practical joker.


I am grateful for Grandma Sarah, her quiet dignity and her ability to cook from scratch, which is why I have a struggle today to buy store-bought desserts.


I am grateful for my sisters who taught me to problem solve and follow tradition.


I am grateful for Francis and her tolerance and wisdom from “never you mind.”


I am grateful for TV personalities Mr. Wizard, Mr. Imagination, and Jon Gnagy. They taught me to love science, have an imagination, and draw.


I am grateful for my mother, Duong, and her patience, skill for cooking, and deep love.

What wonderful things are you grateful for this holiday season? Happy Thanksgiving!