Let’s Play: A List of Free Games for a Fun Virtual Hangout


It may feel difficult to stay connected with friends and loved ones in the era of social distancing. Luckily, thanks to technology, there are still ways to connect, like through interactive games! If you’re feeling like a game night is in order, here are some completely free ways to have fun.


Free games to play with friends and family

Players: 1 – 4

While this isn’t the same as playing in person, it’s not any less fun. Try out the app with up to 3 friends by playing 2 versus 2, tournaments and more.

Mario Kart Tour
Players: 1 – 8

Mario Kart Tour’s multiplayer option is great for racing with friends from a distance. Select your driver, kart, and glider and you’re ready to race to the top!

Just Dance Now
Players: 1+

Just Dance Now is great for working out and having fun at the same time. You and your friends will need a smart phone to act as a motion controller and a web browser (computer), television, or tablet as the screen to dance to. Visit justdancenow.com on the screen you wish to dance to and open the app on your smart phone device. Enter the room number located at the top left of the website. Hold your phone on your right hand and you’re ready to dance!

Scrabble Go
Players: 2 – 4

The classic word game is now available on mobile devices to put you and your friends’ word skills to the test!

Players: 2+

Join the game remotely with your friends, choose from a number of categories, and start making up fake answers. Create fake answers to real trivia questions and your friends will have to guess which answer is real. The objective is to trick them into choosing yours. You’ll score points for guessing the right answer and for psyching your friends into guessing yours.

Stop – Categories Word Game
Players: 2+

Stop is an addicting game that requires you to think fast. Select a random letter and then enter words that start with that letter for 5 categories. At any point, players can stop the timer, changing the time limit the next player has to think of these words. The player with the most correct wins!

Yahtzee With Buddies
Players: 1 – 2

Roll and play dice with friends in this family board game classic.

Boggle With Friends
Players: 1 – 2

Challenge your friends to play in this game where word geniuses prevail! Make as many words as you can, given a grid of letters, to see which of you is the true spelling bee.

Players: 1 – 6

Take over the world in this app of the classic board game. Play against your friends or with AI and, with strategy and luck, see who will come out victorious.

8 Ball Pool
Players: 1 – 8

Show off your skills by competing one-on-one or entering tournaments. Log in with a Facebook account or play on iMessage to take on your friends.


Have a fun and exciting game night! Looking for other ways to spend your time with loved ones? Check out all the amazing opportunities the Virtual 14Y has to offer, including online classes and activities for all ages, Virtual Fitness classes, tips and resources, and more!