Bringing A Golem To NYC


Bringing Golem to New York City:

The Story of Our International LABA Show

“A Golem from Buenos Aires” is a multidisciplinary family-friendly show inspired by a Jewish legend and incubated in our very own LABA program across international borders. We sat down with writer Carina Toker to speak about bringing her show to New York City, the role LABA played in bringing “Golem” to fruition, and the process of giving her vision life.


How are you feeling on the cusp of the NY premier of your show?  

I’m so excited! We have been working hard for a long time to get to this moment. The whole cast is just ready to perform the play at the 14Y Theater. Yesterday we had our last rehearsal in Buenos Aires before traveling, and the play is great in English. Those who have already seen it in Spanish and were able to witness this last rehearsal said that it looks even more beautiful and funny in English than in Spanish!


How has it felt to make this show with the support of the LABA family?

Making this show with the support of the LABA family is a privilege. This support was very interesting at the beginning and fundamental now. At the beginning, I was a fellow with this project in LABA Buenos Aires, and the content provided by LABA-BA with LABA-NY enriched what is the final product today. Without LABA’s support, we could not be performing “A Golem from Buenos Aires” in New York. LABA was a space that contained, inspired and helped improve the project to become this fulfilled dream.


What’s something special families can look forward to at the shows?

Families can look forward to enjoying an exciting and humorous show. They will have a multidisciplinary theatrical experience that starts from a popular legend and surprises by becoming a hilarious and poetic story, with charming characters. The whole audience will enjoy “A Golem from Buenos Aires” as it is a play for all ages, with winks for adults. It’s a play that will undoubtedly be a starting point for reflection and an approach to the world of letters, poetry, visual arts, music and dance.

A Golem from Buenos Aires // family theater

December 14 – 22

A Golem in Buenos Aires is a multidisciplinary theater play for the whole family, inspired by the Jewish legend of the Golem of Prague. In this original performance, an unexpected event unfolds a new hilarious, poetic, moving story.


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