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Strength in the face of Loss, Struggle, and War


Rather than discussing walls and barriers, we at the 14th Street Y see art as a bridge to different cultures and a medium to celebrate their place in our shared stage. We are proud this week to be presenting Ballet Nepantla’s production of Valentina, which explores the female perspective of the Mexican Revolution through traditional Folk Dance fused with Contemporary Ballet. Their Artistic Director, Andrea Guajardo, shared with us a taste of what audiences can expect from Valentina, opening this Wednesday in our theater.

Ballet Nepantla and the 14th St Y present: “Valentina”, a ballet that shares stories of struggle and loss, hope and despair, and triumph. “Valentina” speaks to the strength and resilience of women during Revolutionary Mexico through a unique lens, fusing contemporary ballet and Mexican folklorico in a way that’s never been done before.

Valentina symbolizes strength in the face of loss, struggle, and war. Women during revolutionary Mexico experienced profound loss when their sons, fathers, and husbands went off to fight. Valentina represents every woman, who responded by supporting their men, and often by emerging as warrior women who fought and even led in the revolutionary effort.All Posts

Valentina delves into political conflict caused by class and economic divisions during a time of tumultuous social change. The protagonist women in Valentina band together to resist the forces of inequity, and emerge as warriors and heroines. By coming together and fighting for survival and dignity, the women of revolutionary Mexico provide answers for how future generations can address problems born out of social, economic, and political inequalities.

—Andrea Guajardo, Artistic Director of Ballet Nepantla

VALENTINA // dance

Artistic Directors Andrea Guajardo & Martin Rodriguez
April 10 – 14

Valentina tells stories of struggles and triumph. By fusing contemporary ballet with traditional Mexican folkloric dance, Valentina explores the spaces between love and hate, hope and despair, and war and peace.