The Future of Gender


For the first-ever #NastyWomen+, we asked our she and they identifying performers—

What do you envision and hope for future children in relation to gender identity?

Read their responses below:

“A gender identity of their own choosing!”
— Daphne Always

“I envision a future where a need to identify will be seen as limiting. And that being is in constant flux and change. Fluid. That the body they are born with has no limitations in society and that we see all bodies as beautiful expressions of spirits. That we truly value a person’s expression of themselves as they experience their body. I hope that future children don’t hear “you’re not allowed to do that” and rather hear, “what else can you see and do to live your most creative life?”
— Becca Blackwell

“For every person to walk down the street joyfully, proudly, not fearing that their identity or expression might be questioned, laughed at, fetishized, condescended to, or threatened. I envision the end of gender-based violence and murder. I envision equal opportunity for every person to breathe easy, grow, shine, to celebrate themselves, and be celebrated by the world.”
— Briana Sakamoto

” I hope children born today will have the freedom to become whoever they want, in a future with resources, equal access, and justice.”
— Jes Tom

“Children born today will have to be amphibians in order to survive the floods and rising sea levels that will submerge our great cities before they start middle school, so I hope that they’ll evolve to be gender amphibians as well. Shimmering-scaled shapeshifters that shed genders like skins. One gender by land, two by sea.”
— Amanda Duarte

Though we are navigating rising sea levels, crazy winds, waves of regressive intolerance, and global
authoritarianism— we our heartened, that in our small East Village community center, we offer hope and love by standing with, providing a safe space for, and celebrating everyone but especially the most marginalized members of our communities. Here’s to you!

Believe the arts and social justice go hand in hand?
Then join the 14Y for #NastyWomen+ — April 15, 2019 | 7:30 PM, a hilarious evening of she and they resistance comedy.