Ronit Muszkatblit’s Artist Statement on Waiting For Godot


Waiting for Godot is always timely, the existential queries that all the characters ask in this play echo our lives in the most microcosmic aspects and also on a global scale.

Who are we? Why are we? What are we trying to evade? How responsible are we for our fellow humans; the state of the world, global warming, the refugee crises?

The silences and gaps are hollow, deep chasms waiting to be filled and in every generation we should see ourselves as the bearers of those questions.

Yiddish is fascinating because it is timeless and yet it always carries the sound of the past.
New Yiddish Rep is replanting the roots of Yiddish into current and crucial theater asking urgent questions. Yiddish culture and language is rooted in an era of cultural renaissance and political activism and hearing Waiting for Godot with that specific sound and musicality, a language so right for the sense of waiting, complaining, humor and love, illuminates Beckett’s intent in his poetic writing.

It is as if the play was waiting to be translated into Yiddish. 


Waiting For Godot in Yiddish

New Yiddish Rep

December 24 – January 27

Written by Samuel Beckett
Directed by Ronit Muszkatblit






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