A Conversation With A Rising Star


We’re just six weeks away from the start of Teen Theater Summer Camp – a camp like no other in the heart of the East Village. I couldn’t be more excited to return as the Artistic Director. As I start preparing for all the fun we’re going to have, I reached out to a returning teen to learn more about her experience last year.

Sharone: Hi Sonia! How are you?

Sonia: Good! Doing really well. How are you?

Sharone: I am great! I am really excited to get back to camp this summer! How is school?

Sonia: It’s good. A lot of work a lot of stress, but not anything unbearable.

Sharone: Are you’ doing a lot of theater at school?

Sonia: Yeah, I’ve been in three productions this year! Frankenstein, a new musical, and the third was a one-act, electronic pop musical version of Romeo and Juliet!

Sharone: Did you do a lot of theater before coming to Teen Theater Summer Camp?

Sonia: Only a couple of small parts…I did tech and a one act, but I didn’t realize how serious I was about it until I came to camp. Before, it was all fun and games, but now it’s a little more serious. It’s no longer a hobby, it’s more like a thing. Does that make sense?

Sharone: Yes! Absolutely! What was it like coming to Teen Theater Summer Camp with no theater background? Was it exciting? Scary?

Sonia: For me, I was neutral. It was another experience getting to do more theater stuff. I was very openminded.

Sharone: You walked away with two major roles last summer, right?

Sonia: I did! Mrs. Caldwell in Urinetown and Rosalind in As You Like It.

Sharone: How do you think that has changed you as a performer?

Sonia: I definitely think it changed me as an actor. Before I went into it, I was only doing small minor parts with no real substance. But getting to connect with and become a character–saying these lines and really just BE the person, to become the character and find a way to connect with them and make a backstory–it was easy to learn how to. Plus getting the opportunity to have a big enough part, it was exciting to get to attach to a character.

It was also surprising to be capable of doing that. Seeing I could learn and understand a character, because I was learning how to. But also because it started to make sense on my own, really thinking about the character, that mindset. I was creating and discovering a backstory, figuring out how to know other characters in the show, and how to interact with them. Like if you are playing a parent, friend, etc.

Sharone: Do you think this also changed you as a person outside of theater?

Sonia: It does makes you realize there are so many other perspectives in the world. Things you didn’t really acknowledge before.

Sharone: What are your thoughts on camp?

Sonia: I thought it was great. It was a really fun, supportive environment, and somehow in two weeks we were able put on a super fantastic show! It was all great!

My favorite part of camp was having that super positive environment and the people. I’ve taken away a lot from camp, from the people and the things I’ve learned. That experience and the community were really helpful, especially because I was not that experienced in theater before.

Sharone: Are you excited to comeback!

Sonia: YEAH!


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