Hanna & The Moonlit Dress: Kid Reviewed, Henry Approved!


After hearing so many great things about Hanna and the Moonlit Dress, I figured it was time to take my 5 year old nephew to see the show and experience the magic for myself.

We timed it so that after the 1:00 PM show on Saturday we could splash around in the pool for family swim, another fun activity my nephew loved. It only took 45 minutes of “5 more minutes!” to get him out of the pool.

Before our swim time, I asked him a few questions to learn if he had as much fun as me watching Hanna.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Henry and I’m 5.

What did you just see?

We were in a big movie theater and that’s where I saw Hanna and her friends.

Tell me about Hanna and the Moonlit Dress.

There was a dog who couldn’t play with Hanna because Hanna didn’t like her dress getting dirty. And that’s what the show was about, Hanna and her dress.

Did you like it?

Yes, I did! And the dress at the end wasn’t dirty! I thought maybe the dog was going to bite her, but he didn’t!

Who was the show about?

Hanna and her mother, and her daddy too. I think there was a cow and dog.

Do you recommend other boys and girls go see the show?

Yes, they should. I would go see the show again. It was thumbs up and thumbs down, because thumbs up is good and thumbs down is good too.

Was there anything else about the show that you liked?

Yes, I made a star and a flower. It was fun to make those and I wrote my name on it [the star] too.

What was your favorite part of the show?

Seeing the daddy who was the dog. He said [to Hanna] “do you want to play with me?” Then she said “Yes!” But then she said “No! Not today, we will play tomorrow!” And he sang a song, and it was so funny. I was really glad I went.