Talk Backs and Engagement Events

Talk Back Series

The 14th Street Y Theater wants to hear from you.

Do you want to speak up? Our Season of War & Peace is designed to grapple with questions within our community.  What is bothering you, nagging at you or inspiring you with these themes and questions? Each play was chosen to ignite conversation, debate, and to help define and question the values of our community.  For select productions we will be facilitating Community Engagement moments to interact and hear from our audiences.  These will range from a series of themed talk backs with a curated panel to family engagement and learning moments for our Theater for Young Audiences Series.  These engagement events are only available for ticket buyers for these dates.  So join us and talk back!


2018-2019 Series

Thursday, September 20 – Hoaxocaust!

Immediately following the performance of Hoaxocaust!, by Barry Levey, our audience will be asked to join a talk back themed: Fake News and How Do We Resist It?  A curated panel of community leaders and journalists will be joining playwright Barry Levey to understand how phenomena like Holocaust denying begins and perpetuates the myth of untruths.


Coming Soon!

Look out for future information on talk backs around the following productions.


The Forbidden Conversation

The Hearing

Theo’s Dream

Reimagine (life after death)

The Not So Spooky Ghost (Theater for Young Audiences)

Fox Fables (Theater for Young Audiences)

Layer the Walls (Theater for Young Audiences)

The Baby Monitor

The Fantastical Journey of Q (Theater for Young Audiences)

The Sinless



Old Turtle and the Broken Truth (Theater for Young Audiences)