LABAlive Programs

LABAlive III: Family Taboos
Thursday, November 30 | 7:30 PM

‘Ein Sof’
Melissa Weisz | Multimedia Performance

The Guardian of the Clan
Damien Olsen | Multimedia Performance

Circumcise Your Heart
Rebecca Katz | Comics, Reading

The Guardian of the Clan
Damien Olsen | Multimedia Performance
A multimedia piece combining sculpture, dance and live piano music,

which is inspired by Sigmund Freud’s ‘Totem & Taboo’ essay, Jewish texts studied during LABA Taboo Fellowship and dreams and memories from childhood of disruptive family events.

The sculpture is called The Guardian, it represents the link between taboo and totemism and it was systematically built as the classes on Taboo progressed.

The Dancer, Emily Marie Pope and Damien are long-time artistic collaborators; in this particular case  she interprets the concept of totemism and its link to Taboo as an obscure and beautiful ritual or ceremony.

Damien’s piano music has been also progressively composed through the year with a flexible structure allowing space for improvisation and working more as a soundtrack and atmospheric ambientation for the whole scene than a conventional dance piece for the dancer.

Damien Olsen Berdichevsky is a multi-disciplinary artist who throughout his life has consistently created art and music. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1961 to a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant family. He studied Psychology and Dance Theater at the University of Buenos Aires and at the University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil. Damien has continued to work in sculpture, painting, photography, video and music. He studied musical composition and free jazz improvisation with Raol Bjorkenheim. He also has performed at a variety of venues in the NYC area, both solo and collaboratively.

Ein Sof’
Melissa Weisz | Multimedia Performance
New multimedia piece that explores the similar patterns shared by The Sefirot and Poly constellations.

Esther Hafner- Director
Danielle Alhassid – Projections
Chanan Ben Simon – Voice

Melissa Weisz is an actor, writer and producer based out of NY. They are a native yiddish speaker having grown up in the chasidic community in Brooklyn. Melissa is passionate about authentic nuanced representation with their work often focusing on giving voice to marginalized peoples and communities.

Circumcise Your Heart
Rebecca Katz | Comics, Reading with Madeleine Joyce
Gather round for a bedtime story about the oldest continuous Jewish ritual—circumcision!

In this excerpt from her in-process graphic novel, Rebecca illustrates her son’s intimate bris. Far from connecting her to generations past and future, she’s horrified at her decision to hurt her baby that she just safely brought into the world.

Though this experience, larger questions of Jewish motherhood, masculinity, bodily autonomy, and belonging violently emerge. Why did she uphold this tradition while flouting so many others? Does her son need a bris in order to belong as a Jew? What of him is hers—and what of him is his own?

If we examine its biblical roots and cultural history, circumcision is really about identifying who belongs and who doesn’t. It’s about cementing an inside/outside status that cannot be changed—once you’re circumcised, you’re always marked. And like many parents, Rebecca wants nothing more than for her son to belong—to a people, a tradition, and a history. But by honoring a covenant with her ancestors, is she breaking a covenant with her son?

Rebecca Katz is an artist and educator from Brooklyn, NY. She’s spent the past decade working in the Jewish social justice movement with teens through adults. Through community art projects and cultural organizing, she creates spaces where people can access their creativity and explore their connection to community, identity, and place. A creative facilitator with the Jewish Studio Project, Rebecca works at Lilith magazine

Arts + Culture + LABA + Theater Staff

Akia Squitieri, Director of Arts + Culture
Philip Trevino, Director of Production
Ronit Muszkatblit, Founding Director of LABA Global, Arts + Culture Consultant
Chanan Ben Simon, Director of LABA NY

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