Special Needs

KOL Program for Children and Teens with Special Needs

The 14th Street Y’s KOL Program is a weekend recreational program for children and teens, ages 4 to 17, who are on the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum or have related developmental differences, such as ADHD and language delays. KOL cultivates a supportive community among parents and caregivers who have a space to come together and share resources and advice.

New to the KOL Program?

As a first step, parents and caregivers must complete the Special Needs Intake Form. KOL staff will then contact you with next steps for registration.

Not sure which class your child may be interested in? Free trial classes are available after completing the intake form!  

For questions and more information, please contact Antonio Rodriguez, LMSW, Inclusion Program Manager, at ARodriguez@14streety.org or call 646-395-4324.

KOL Values:

As the parent of a child with special needs, you seek community – for your child and for yourself.  We proudly offer a range of programming for members with special needs and their families.

For your child, we offer a variety of engaging classes where they can socialize and gain new skills. For parents and caregivers, we offer classes on caring for your child, bringing you together with child development experts and fellow parents who understand the unique joys and challenges of raising a child with special needs.


Inclusion is at the heart of the KOL Program. The 14Y welcomes neighbors of all ages, stages and abilities, and we offer opportunities for children with special needs to grow alongside their peers of different ability levels. For example, we offer Learn to Swim classes taught by certified water safety instructor for children of all ages and ability levels, including a class specifically designed for children with special needs.

In addition to our weekend class offerings, we are proud to offer children and teens with special needs the opportunity to spend a summer in the country. New Country Day Camp, the 14Y’s summer camp at the Henry Kaufman Campgrounds, welcomes all children, including those with developmental differences.


Our on-staff child development experts understand that socialization is a critical part of your child’s growth, so all our classes are designed with the social aspect in mind.

Our arts and messy play classes are designed to encourage creativity and expand your child’s modes of self-expression. Our sports and movement classes will help your child improve both their coordination and their collaboration skills. Whatever class your child participates in, they will make new friends and gain confidence in themselves!

KOL Classes and Groups

We offer activities ranging from soccer and capoeira, to music and art all while promoting social skills development and relationship building.  

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Special Needs Intake Form

All parents/caregivers must complete this form as a first step to registering for KOL programs. This information helps our staff to better understand and support the unique needs of your child.

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Spend A Summer In The Country

New Country Day Camp is inclusive of all types of families and children, including those with developmental differences and special needs.  


KOL Volunteer Program

This unique year-long internship program is for high school students interested in working with children with special needs.