Downtown Jewish Life presents INTO THE NIGHT: a contemporary spin on Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Hosted by The 14th Street Y on Saturday, May 19, 2018 | 6:00 PM  & into the night

More than 20 downtown community partners will join in the fifth-annual night-time journey through conversation, culture, and ritual.

The Tikkun is a nightlong journey through culture in the vein of the many vernal “White Nights” of European traditions. The event will feature conversation and ritual led by artists, musicians, shamans, teachers, scholars, and rabbis. Downtown synagogues and community organizations will lead sessions and workshops designed to provoke philosophical discussion with attendees from ALL levels of observance.

From music jams to mixology classes to Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparedness discussions; all events during the night will provide an environment of thought, culture, creativity, and an extension past one’s daily life. While learning deep INTO THE NIGHT, Jewish texts will be explored and unique insights will be discovered as people from all ages and backgrounds grow and change.

Admission is free and there will be programs for all levels of observance.

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A photo ID is required for entry. Advance RSVP is recommended.

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Tikkun Highlights

In[HEIR]itance Project

Introducing this year’s Downtown Tikkun, the In[heir]itance Project will provide a thoughtful, interactive performance of Abraham; Abe, a Wall Street stock jock, returns to the office of his recently deceased, estranged father to search for a lost deed. Among the piles of papers strewn about the office, Abe doesn’t find the deed, but instead, finds a scavenger hunt his father that has left behind for him – and the audience holds the clues.

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About Downtown Jewish Life

Downtown Jewish Life is a network of downtown Jewish organizations and individuals hosted by The 14th Street Y. Downtown Jewish Life experiences welcome people of every background, identity, age, family configuration, and religious affiliation (or none), who are interested in finding meaning, values, and community inspired by Jewish sensibilities.

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