Tikkun Program

Hosted by The 14th Street Y on Saturday, May 19, 2018 | 6:00 PM  & into the night


Program Tracks

Downtown Jewish Renaissance: New Jewish culture is thriving in Downtown Manhattan.  Explore our past and look at the present with artists, playwrights and cultural leaders.

Midrasha Ivrit: A night of artists, stories, texts and Kabbalah all in Hebrew.

Soulfood: A series dedicated to the senses from sound to touch and taste. Buzz your vocal chords, enjoy wine tastings and jump in on creative craft projects.

Ancestry Reclaimed: Inspired by five unique narratives in the book of Genesis, engage with theater pieces, talk-backs and meditations on ancestry.

From Stranger to Sanctuary: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” This central teaching of Jewish tradition has never been so essential, nor so challenged. Join CBST in a night-long track of learning with clergy and teachers, exploring this lesson through study, song, and social justice. Come for one session or follow us all night through!


All of our sessions are 45 minutes except where noted. The Cafe opens at 9:00 PM in our gymnasium on the 2nd Floor.


6:00 PM

The In[HEIR]itance Project: The Abraham Play (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

Theater, 2nd Floor

Hoping for a quick windfall of inheritance, Abe, a Wall Street stock jock, returns to the office of his recently deceased, estranged father searching for a lost deed. Among the piles of papers strewn about the office he doesn’t find the deed. Instead he finds a scavenger hunt his father has left behind for him – and the audience holds the clues.

7:00 PM Doors Open
7:30 PM Opening Ritual, 2nd Floor Gymnasium


9:00 PM – 9:45 PM
Café open, 2nd Floor Gym*


(All evening) Six Word Memoirs on Jewish Life, Presented by Reboot

Gymnasium, 2nd Floor

“Six-Word Memoirs on the Jewish Life” offers thousands of ways of looking at Judaism, six words at a time.  Please fill out a card with your own story. Shavuot can be and is a time of reflection and intention in the Jewish year, this activity lends itself well to the holiday celebration. Join us in the gym to contemplate questions. Cards will be collected by Reboot and hung on a wall in the gymnasium throughout the evening. Discussion encouraged!


Immigrant History Below 23rd Street (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Studio A/B, 1st Fl

A interactive seminar presentation will explore the rich history of Jewish immigration and settlement to the Lower East Side.


Lenora Lee Dance: Beneath the Surface (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Pool, 1st Fl

Preview excerpts from “Beneath The Surface” a site-specific underwater dance experience by Lenora Lee Dance, featuring Yi-Ting Hsu & Leonora Lee.


Writing and בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרְאָה אֱלֹהִין: chanting the Torah in the Feminine (Track: Midrasha Ivrit)

Room 201*, 2nd Fl

Artist Yael Kanarek will hand out and speak about her newest art: authoring the Torah, specifically Genesis, in the feminine; Rabbi Marisa EIlana will chant a portion.


Buzz the Vocal Chords, Buzz the Soul (Track: Soulfood)

Community Room, 2nd Fl

Using mystical and liturgical sources as a starting point, explore meaning and practice through the medium of the musical soul.  Musical meditation, sacred Jewish geometry, the laws of vibration, toning and Kirtan chant. No experience necessary, just bring your in breath.  Join Shira Kline, Director of Worship at Lab/Shul for this Shavuot Shavuot meditation.


The In[HEIR]itance Project: The Rebecca Play (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

Theater, 2nd Fl

The matriarch Rebecca played favorites among her sons, Esau and Jacob, believing one to be the rightful heir. This play marries that narrative to the story of the city of Charleston. The city becomes a mother playing favorites among her children, White and Black. Through a series of scenes and monologues, two actors explore rivalry, racism and how each brother reacts when the roles are reversed.


Lab/Shul Presents WERK: The Effort of Revelation (Track: Soulfood)

Playroom, 4th Fl

Is revelation worth the effort? Join Rabbi Kerry Chaplin, Lab/Shul’s rabbi in residence from the Jewish Emergent Network Fellowship as you practice yoga asana to move through rabbinic images of Revelation, both beautiful and painful. Wear clothing in which you are comfortable moving. No previous yoga or Jewish experience required.


How Great Are Your Tents: Make Your Own Mezuzah with Shawn Shafner (Track: Soulfood)

Kitchen, 4th Fl

In this experiential workshop with ritual artist Shawn Shafner, we’ll unpack the mezuzah – what it is, where it comes from, what it means – and have the opportunity to reinvent the tradition by writing our own blessings and making a mezuzah to take home.


Chanting our Way to Sinai: a participatory chanting~drumming and meditation experience with Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder (Track: Soulfood)

Room 403, 4th Fl

Through English and Hebrew chants, we will explore our own path through the wilderness, bamidbar,  to receiving Torah. Come with an open heart.


10:00 PM – 10:45 PM


Sing-A-Long (Track: From Stranger to Sanctuary]


Studio A/B, 1st Fl

Beside the Golden Door: Musical Selections from Jewish Immigrants  with Cantor Steve Zeidenberg and CBST Musical Director Joyce Rosenzweig


Ruth and the Concubine (Track: Midrasha Ivrit)

Room 201*, 2nd Fl

In this session we will explore and study texts together that show us how women were simultaneously evolving within ancient rule and still living within primitive constructs; Have women advanced since then or are women still living in Biblical constructs?


From Ger to Gerut (Track: From Stranger to Sanctuary)


Room 202, 2nd Fl

Joining Jewish Community as a Convert with CRRI Steven Philp.


The Rebecca Play Talkback: Race, Favoritism, and the Book of Genesis (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

With Lab/Shul

Community Room, 2nd Floor 

Join Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Rev. Dr. Derrick McQueen, and Broadway actor Darian Dauchan discuss The In[heir]itance Project’s Rebecca Play in the context of both the biblical narrative and systemic preferences based on race.  (The Rebecca Play is immediately prior to this session – all are welcome to the talk-back/discussion, but viewing the performance is advised.)
Session is from 10-10:45pm


Comedy is the Resistance (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Room 402, 4th Fl

Amanda Duarte, Co-Creator of the Pussy Grabs Back campaign and Host of the upcoming #Nasty Women – A Night of Female Resistance Comedy at the 14th Street Y Theater will lead a session on how comedy can be used as a Resistance tool.


Blessing of the Parents: Guided Meditation and Storytelling with Shawn Shafner

Playroom, 4th Fl

In this session, storyteller and mindfulness teacher Shawn Shafner leads participants into conversation and contemplation on the basic goodness – albeit sometimes imperfect actions – of our own parents and of our Biblical ancestors.


A Talmud Shiur Focusing on Women’s Voices in the Talmud (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)
With Ohel Ayalah

Town & Village Synagogue (next door at 334 E 14th St)

We will read several short texts in which women speak up on matters of Jewish halakhic practice.  And we will consider the meaning and setting of the text at the time it was written and its contemporary relevance. Handouts in Hebrew and English.


LABA Fellow Zohar Tirosh-Polk Presents: Israel at 70 – A Tikkun Cycle (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed) *This session continues until 11:45 PM

Room 403*, 4th Fl

Israel at 70- A Tikkun.  How do we feel about Israel today? What are the issues we are afraid to discuss? Is a repair possible? Necessary? Where is it all going?  As a kick-off event for LABA fellow Zohar Tirosh-Polk’s year long project, The Israel Plays – A Tikkun Cycle, an exciting group of playwrights and artists will share work about Israel and the possibility of healing. A moderated panel discussion will follow.

10:30 PM

Theater, 2nd Fl

The In[HEIR]itance Project: The Jacob Play (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

A play that, quite literally, asks Jacob to wrestle with his role as brother, husband, and man of God. The Jacob Play introduces a tag team tussle between Jacob & Rebecca vs Esau and Isaac, a Battle Royale of Leah vs. Rachel vs. Jacob vs. Laban, and finally, the MAIN EVENT: Jacob vs. The Angel of the Lord. Get ready for a hard-hitting, smackdown, knockout wrestling extravaganza – it’s the event of the millennium!


11:00 PM – 11:45 PM

Russ & Daughters: The Business of Community (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Studio A/B, 1st Fl

Niki Russ Federman, Fourth Generation Co-Owner of Russ & Daughters,  joins The Educational Alliance’s CEO, Alan van Capelle to discuss how Russ & Daughters, the torchbearer of Jewish food in America, has grown and changed with the Lower East Side over the past century.  A family business since 1914, Russ & Daughters has emerged from a herring pushcart to a small local shop to a world-renowned business that remains a Jewish cultural landmark of our local community.


Lenora Lee Dance: Beneath the Surface (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Pool, 2nd Fl

An exciting performance will be presented in the 14th Street Y’s pool to further push the boundaries of where we find art in our space. Excerpts of “Beneath the Surface”, a site-specific underwater dance experience by Lenora Lee Dance, featuring Yi-Ting Hsu and Lenora Lee, is sure to engage all audiences.


Lab Shul: Seventy Tongues: Shavuot & Pentecost (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

Community Room, 2nd Fl

The two holidays that mark Revelation on the Jewish and Christian calendars coincide this year, inviting us to explore common themes, mystery and meaning, and the power of pluralism, diversity and interfaith co-existence to  make this world a better place for all. Rev. Dr. Derrick McQueen, Associate Director at Columbia University’s CARSS and Pastor St. James Presbyterian Church (the oldest African American Presbyterian Church in NYC) joins Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, founder of Lab/Shul (the newest experimental synagogue in NYC) for a interactive study session and conversation about spiritual and civic, bridge building.


From Sanctuary to House of Peace with Rabbi Marisa James, and Cooperberg Rittmaster Rabbinical Intern Ayalon Eliach (Track: From Stranger to Sanctuary)


Room 202*, 2nd Fl

Synagogues have become essential players in interrupting narratives of hate directed towards the “strangers in our midst”, especially immigrant and Muslim communities. Hear the story of how CBST has stepped forward to stand up for our neighbors, and how your community can too! Come share the stories of your community’s actions, as we learn from one another.


Town & Village: A Rabbi and A Psychologist Walk Into… (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Room 402, 4th Fl

When do we follow our hearts and when do we silence our passions?  In this time of old tribal confrontations on 21st Century Facebook, Rabbi Larry Sebert and Dr. Glen Milstein explore how our ancient wisdom helps us navigate this next frontier.

Kelim Shvurim – Broken Vessels (Track: Soulfood)

With Alexandra Ben Abba

Kitchen, 4th Fl

We take apart the idea of a plate, think about tableware in a new way and create new table settings that expresses some of our life experiences. Finally, we exercise our flexibility and use our new plates to share a snack.

12:00 AM – 12:45 AM

The Salon Presents: The Midnight Hour (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Begins in the Lobby and ends in the Fitness Studios A & B, 1st Fl

Readings and performances  of words by and about women, real and fictional, who challenge, inspire, show strength and principle in the face of suppression, and on whose shoulders we, metaphorically, stand.



In[HEIR]itance Project: The Leah/Rachel Play (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

Theater, 2nd Fl

A historian unearths an ancient papyrus about sisterhood and struggles with what it means for a man to have made this discovery that reveals so much about female identity. And as a new father to twin baby girls, he’s looking for advice anywhere he can get it. Created in collaboration with Emmy-award winning filmmaker Ilana Trachtman (Praying with Lior).


The Salon Presents: The Midnight Hour (Continued)

Gymnasium, 2nd Fl


The Death of American Jewish Literature (?) (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Community Room, 2nd Fl

Once a robust scene that spawned some of America’s most revered writers — Saul Bellow, Bernard Malamud, Philip Roth — and delivered a torrent of masterworks, American-Jewish literature seemed to have dried up considerably, with younger talent mainly mimicking the obsessions of its ancestors or seeking inspiration elsewhere far from home. Or is the opposite true? Ruby Namdar, author of The Ruined House and recipient of Israel’s highest literary honor, and Liel Leibovitz, Tablet magazine senior writer and LABA teacher, will discuss the glorious past, questionable present, and contentious future of American Jewish literature.


1:00 AM – 1:45 AM

Secrets of the Inner Sanctuary with Ruby Namdar (Track: Midrasha Ivrit)

Room 201*, 2nd Fl

What Really Went On in the Holy of Holies? Few spaces aroused the human imagination as did The Holy of Holies, the mysterious inner chamber of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. What was concealed in this secret space? What strange activities took place there? In this session, we will study a selection of Talmudic tales that shed some light, but also enhance the mystery, onto these enchanting questions. Additionally, we will discuss how such ancient notions of place and sanctity can inspire us in our cultural and spiritual pursuits today.


The Sarah Play Pre-talk: Fertility wasn’t easy in the Book of Genesis, either! (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

Community Room, 2nd Fl

Fertility challenges stigmatize from ancient times until today.  1 in 8 people experience challenges in creating a family the biblical way.  Does the Jewish tradition help heal or harbor hurt in this journey? Join Jon Adam Ross, Managing Director and Founding Artist of the In[HEIR]itance Project and Naomi Less, Associate Director and founding ritual leader of Lab/Shul and Vice President of Uprooted: A Jewish Response to Fertility Challenges, as they set the stage for the Sarah Play.
This session is from 1-1:45am – all are invited to the Sarah Play directly after this session (first come first served)


Jews & Booze: Text Study with Rabbi Gavriel Bellino (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

Room 202*, 2nd Fl

While the Torah (Hebrew Bible) sees wine as a pathway to sin, Jewish culture later ritualized and sanctified drinking. Analyze and discuss this transformation through traditional Jewish text study.


In[HEIR]itance Project: Wine Tasting Through Genesis (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

Kitchen, 4th Fl

5 stories. 5 wines. 5 conversations. Join our friends from the In[HEIR]itance Project for a wine-tasting inspired by the five Genesis Plays of the evening.


1:00 AM – 2:45 AM

foreignfire Presents: Thresh (Track: Downtown Jewish Renaissance)

Studio A/B, 1st Fl

From gleaning to approaching, from an unquestioning acceptance of the unknown to an unbearable closeness with the unknowable, THRESH combines movement, voice and gesture in a participatory art ritual that follows in Ruth’s mythological footsteps toward revelation.


2:00 AM – 2:45 AM

Servant-Class Mothers Matter: Reclaiming the Original “Handmaid’s Tales” (Track: Ancestry Reclaimed)

Room 202*, 2nd Fl

Contrary to popular media assumptions, the handmaids Bilhah and Zilpah keep and raise their own children in the original Genesis texts. They’re identified repeatedly as mothers (not surrogates) of four tribes, and also as wives (not concubines) of Jacob.  Join Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips of WAYS OF PEACE Community Resources as we reclaim the ancient tradition of “six corresponding to the six matriarchs.” We’ll reach through entrenched silences toward a more inclusive understanding of our ancestors at the intersection of gender and social class.


In[HEIR]itance Project: The Sarah Play

Theater, 2nd Fl

Three actors struggle with how to tell the ancient, sacred story of Sarah and Hagar, the mothers of Isaac and Ishmael, through a modern lens. Drawing from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish traditions, and trying various iterations to determine which religion’s version of the narrative gets told, the actors wrestle with how to tell a tale when there are multiple accounts of what happened.

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