Drop-In Classes

For Families with Children 3 and Younger

Drop-in Classes

Discover the perfect blend of social activities for your energetic toddler, developmental classes for your baby, and connections with fellow parents – all tailored for you and your little one.

We don’t just offer classes—it’s a community where families and caregivers unite, creating a supportive network. And rest assured, everyone, from the little explorers to the grown-ups, is bound to have a fantastic time!

We firmly believe in the innate capabilities of children as learners and socializers. That’s why we’re thrilled to collaborate with you in laying the foundation for their development. Our diverse array of drop-in classes featured curated activities, spanning from music and art to sensory play, indoor playground adventures, pre-and-postnatal fitness, and enjoyable family hangouts.

For your convenience, all of our drop-ins allow online registration, ensuring you can secure your spot in advance. If you’re feeling spontaneous, just swing by the Service Desk before diving into the class. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together – because every moment with your little one is precious, and we’re here to make it fun!