Community Corner Submissions

14Y Community Corner Submissions

The 14th Street Y may be closed, but we will still be here for our community.

We’re encouraging 14Y staff and community members to create and share videos featuring adult studies classes, family engagement ideas, helpful tips to keep you busy while at home, and arts + culture content to be featured on the new 14Y Community Corner YouTube channel.

To contribute to the 14Y Community Corner, use the form below. Please take a moment to review best practices for video creation and understand that when you submit a video, 14Y will own the rights to your video in perpetuity.

Not sure what type of video you want to create? This can be anything from tips to staying healthy, recipes, arts and crafts, reading recommendations, hidden talents, etc. If you would want to see your video, then odds are our community will to!

Tips on creating a great YouTube Video:
  • Must sure your video is 2 minutes in length or shorter.
  • If filming on your phone, you will want to hold it horizontally, not vertically. 
  • Make sure your lighting is in front of you and not behind you to avoid unflattering shadows and grainy (blurry) video.
  • Always make sure your volume/ mic is up and on so you can have sound. Do a sound test before you begin filming. 
  • Make sure your surroundings are conducive to a welcoming environment (i.e. don’t have loud music on in the background if you are doing a lesson, etc.)  
  • Take steady video. If you have a tripod or stabilizer use that. If not, you can lean your phone on a book or something sturdy. 
  • Use the backside of your phone to take video, frontside video does not offer the best quality.
  • Set up your shot. Make sure you are aware of what is in view and in the frame. 
  • Please DO NOT use music in your video unless it’s free to use. YouTube’s Audio ID technology automatically scans and detects copyrighted songs inside videos and, depending on who owns the rights, disables the audio or serves additional advertising on the video that is paid back to the rights holder.
Additional Resources

Filming Best Practices – This is a great visual guide! 

Free Music Options: