Theater Season Partner Forms

2019-2020 Theater Season Partner Ticketing and Marketing Questionnaire

Please fill out this form by April 30, 2019 to be featured in initial Theater Season launch and press release.

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  • These are the standard options – other options are available depending on the rep
  • Please include all pricing levels, including special rates for students, seniors, etc. if applicable.
  • All shows that are a part of the curated Theater/Dance/TYA Season will have a 20% discount for 14Y Members. If you know any others you will want please include now. We can always add or delete later! (ie. code for performers to send out, early bird, etc.)
  • This can be added or cancelled up to 2 months in advanced. If completed now, we can add this to initial promo materials. See pricing sheet for details
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    Please label photo with production name and photo credit (ie. DARKWATER_BasilRodericks)
  • Please provide links to any relevant social media accounts that you’d like 14Y to tag while helping to promote your performance. Please include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Additional accounts can be added later.