Youth Flag Football

For Children Ages 5 – 15

Flag Football

For Children Ages 5 – 15
Sundays| Sept. 8 – Nov. 10

Get ready for another exciting season of Flag Football in collaboration with the NFL Youth Flag Football League, starting fall 2019! A developmental league, players are evaluated during the first two sessions and are placed in appropriate competition groups. Players are taught proper techniques in catching, throwing, running, and defending. All players play an equal amount of time to earn a chance to win either defensive player of the year, offensive player of the year, or MVP. Competition is taught in a nurturing environment.


5 – 6 Years Old

This class will focus on teaching the basic motor skills necessary for flag football in an low stress environment.

7 – 8 Years Old

This class will build the fundamentals needed in flag football. Children will be taught how to catch a pass, receive a hand-off, and pull flags.

9 – 11 Years Old

This class is more focused on playing the game and the execution of the playbook. There will be more detailed focus on the development of skills. Each player will have a role on the team.

12 Years Old and Up

This class is an exhibition of both skill and leadership. Players in this division will be empowered to take ownership of not only their team, but their playbooks. They will be supported by their coaches who will assist the team in building the skills and an attitude that breeds confidence.

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