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KOL Classes

The KOL program is a Saturday recreational program for children and adolescents, ages 4 to 17 years, on the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum and related developmental differences such as ADHD and language delays.
Super Soccer Stars – Special Needs

Super Soccer Stars Special Needs is a unique program created exclusively for children with developmental disabilities. The program helps children incorporate into their lives notions of structure and task completion through entertaining and engaging soccer activities. Our unique age-specific, special needs curriculum is designed by a combination of early childhood, behavioral, ABA and soccer specialists to ensure that each child is learning, building self – confidence, enhancing social skills, and having a blast from the first moment on.


Play Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian form of martial arts that combines dance, music, and simple acrobatic moves.  It is played as an interactive game inside a circle with music and songs.  Capoeira helps to develop motor coordination, balance, flexibility, and an awareness of space. Students gain confidence in their physical abilities.  Skills developed include focusing, communication, and socialization. The class promotes achievement, leadership, and community through focus, discipline, and respect (FDR).


Music Makers

Music is a proven means of providing emotional comfort and relief in ways which can be adapted to meet the needs of individual children. Exposure to various styles of music, sounds, rhythm and song provides an environment that allows children to explore different cognitive modalities. These classes also encourage creativity, and help to increase a child’s confidence, focus, leadership, and learning, through playing instruments, singing, and improvisation.


 ARTS Rx – Creative Movement

Movement creates a link between feeling, thought, and action by connecting mind and body. It seeks to improve self-esteem and relieve stress with increasing self-awareness. The ARTS Rx program utilizes movement to focus on the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration of the individual. It helps a child to express and deal with emotions, helps them to communicate, and further develops social integration skills.

ARTS Rx – Arts

Many individuals with autism think visually “in pictures”. Art therapy is the therapeutic use of art making as a form of expression which can open doors to communication. The ARTS Rx program utilizes art making within the group setting to foster social skills and provides a framework for increased self awareness and emotional expression.


Instructional Swim

The program aims to meet the safety and swim development of your child. Our small class sizes will ensure your child receives optimal focus and attention throughout the course. Swim class is taught by experienced Certified Water Safety Instructors. Learn more about our Aquatics programs.

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