Jewish Event

Into the Night Until DAWN

| THU, MAY 06, 2021

This past year has been (a) _____ . I don’t know what pithy adjective or noun to place in the blank space, but whatever I would choose, it would be…

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Hanging in the Balance

| MON, OCT 12, 2020

הושע נא.תְּלוּיָֽה עַל־בְּלִימָֽה – Please save; [all of life] is hanging in the balance… – From 5th circuit of the Hoshana liturgy Artists don’t get down to work until the…

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How can I even start saying goodbye?

| FRI, AUG 14, 2020

Truth be told, I didn’t believe this day would come. This day of closure, in which I’ll come back to Israel from two exciting, life-changing years at the 14th Street…

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Why Do We Celebrate Tikkun?

| TUE, MAY 26, 2020

Every year in May or June, the 14th Street Y celebrates a Tikkun: a mesmerizing deep dive into Jewish and Israeli culture, our way of celebrating the Jewish holiday of…

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Lunch and Learn: LGBTQ

| TUE, MAY 21, 2019

Welcome to the Fifth Session of The Lunch and Learn: LGBTQ in Israel, A Story of Struggle and Achievements With the race towards PRIDE month, we will take a look…

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PAUSE/PLAY: Shabbaton Atzmaut

| SAT, MAY 11, 2019

71 years young… 71 looks different from every vantage point—but whether you are 3 or 93 it is a cause for celebration! Come celebrate Israel’s 71st Birthday and appreciate it’s…

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Lunch and Learn: Session Four

| TUE, MAR 19, 2019

Welcome to the Fourth Session of The Lunch and Learn: Israeli Charedi Society The Israeli Ultra Orthodox community is only 9 percent of the Jewish population, yet it has a…

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Lunch and Learn Session Three: 360° On Israel

| TUE, FEB 19, 2019

Welcome to the Three Session of The Lunch and Learn: 360° On Israel! It’s election time in Israel! Israel is about to have dramatic and critical elections, which will affect…

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PAUSE/PLAY: Festival of Lights

| SAT, DEC 08, 2018

Re-imagine the holidays with us as we host an interactive day featuring a show for little ones with PJ Play! Join us for our annual Hanukkah party featuring the always-delicious…

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The Rebecca Play

| SAT, MAY 05, 2018

The matriarch Rebecca played favorites among her sons, Esau and Jacob, believing one to be the rightful heir. This play marries that narrative to the story of the city of…

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