A Portrait’s Worth a Thousand Words

| MON, NOV 04, 2019

The 14th Street Y has had the privilege of showcasing some amazing gallery exhibits, and more than a few of our photography shows have been the work of Bridget Badore!…

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JAR: Portraits of the 14th Street Y

| WED, DEC 20, 2017

I have a lot of friends who have been LABA fellows over the years. I first began my conversation with the LABA team because of my other theater project that I’ve…

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Michael: Portraits of the 14th Street Y

| MON, DEC 18, 2017

When I heard about the opening for the role of Preschool Director at the 14th Street Y and saw how the preschool is in the middle of this very vibrant…

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Julie: Portraits of the 14th Street Y

| THU, DEC 14, 2017

I feel comfortable here. I’ve had so many different jobs and experiences, but at this one I feel like I can be myself, express myself, and grow. The 14th Street…

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Gallery Opening: Portraits of the 14th Street Y

| WED, DEC 06, 2017

Portraits of the 14th Street Y is a photography project that tells the stories behind many faces of the 14th Street Y community, including members, staff, teachers, trainers, artists, caregivers,…

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Louis: Portraits of 14th Street Y

| SUN, DEC 03, 2017

I’m a stay at home dad, so taking care of the girls is my full-time job. My wife calls it “daddy boot camp.” We spend a lot of our time…

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Bubba Jo: Portraits of 14th Street Y

| SAT, DEC 02, 2017

This morning I worked out in the gym, I volunteered at the Preschool, and then I took a Yiddish class. That’s today’s activity. I’m here Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,…

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