Katy Riber

Support Program Manager

Katy is thrilled to join the Youth Programs department as the Support Program Manager. She spent her formative years at a sleep-away camp in Maine, where she spent fifteen summers learning and evolving into the person she is today. She recently graduated with her Master’s in Social Work from NYU Silver School of Social Work with a focus on trauma-informed practice utilizing a restorative justice lens with children and families. She loves collaborating in community to create positive environments for growth and cultural exploration by connecting with each other and understanding our relational worlds. In her free time, Katy is a writer, a painter, a dancer, a yogi, and she loves to read. She is a chronic journal-er, and believes writing as well as other creative practices can support us as we navigate our ever-changing society and landscape, connecting us with our own internal worlds so we may understand ourselves and have compassion for each other.