Membership Cancellations

14Y Membership Updates

Starting May 4, all membership types will be automatically converted to the new 14Y Virtual Membership. This new membership is just $29.99 per household for the month of May and includes access to most of 14Y’s virtual programs such as Fitness classes, Family Programs, and more. For details on what the virtual membership includes, click here.

If you recently cancelled your 14Y membership, you can update your account with the new, affordable Virtual 14Y Membership!! We miss you and would love to see you online with us soon!

Alternatively, you can also select to suspend your membership at no cost. By doing this, you’ll avoid an initiation fee in the future should you choose to resume your 14Y membership at a later time. Please use the form below to opt-in to freezing your account instead of keeping it canceled.

Please complete the form below to make changes to your account.