Parenting Support Groups

The 14th Street Y is rich with resources for parents of young children.

Our discussion groups are open to all parents, regardless of where your child may be enrolled. Topics cover a range of parenting concerns, from fostering empathy and setting limits to gender identity and work-life balance.

Parenting Your Preschooler
For parents of children 2.9 – 5 years

This discussion group, led by Nancy Weinrib, LMSW, provides participants with an opportunity to talk together about the challenges of raising young children in today’s fast-paced world. Topics will focus on the issues most relevant to parents of 2.9 − 5 year olds, and will include helping your child adjust to the new demands of preschool or Pre-K, building peer relationships, fostering empathy and resilience, setting limits effectively, as well as gender identity, death, siblings, nutrition, sleep, cognitive and language development, school readiness, work/life balance, and other parenting concerns. Open to all parents regardless of what program or school your child/children currently attend.

Parenting Your 6 to 9 Year Old

This bi-weekly evening discussion group will focus on the issues parents of school-aged children face, such as helping your child adjust to the increasing academic and social demands of school, establishing effective evening routines, and healthy homework habits, establishing and managing expectations, supporting sibling and peer relationships, resolving conflicts, gender identity, work/family balance, and other topics of your choice. Led by Nancy Weinrib, LMSW.

To register, please contact Dana Federbush:


Phone: 646-395-4336