Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is coming up on May 8. Not only is it one of my favorite times of the year, but it’s also a special time to cherish and honor the mothers and maternal figures who care about and help us. Each and every one of us has our own special way of celebrating Mother’s Day. So I asked some people I work with to share how they honor their mothers and mother figures.

Jaci Hirschfeld (Senior Director of Marketing, Communications and Relationships)

“For Mother’s Day this year, I’m taking my entire family to see a Yankees game! My mom always wanted to go (she’s a huge fan) and figured this was the perfect way to celebrate her while having a fun time outdoors. Here’s hoping for perfect weather and a great game! Go Yankees!”

Cory Michael Herman (Artistic Director, Educational Alliance)

“We are going to Disney World!”

Jacob Ross (Marketing Assistant)

“I’m going to the Red Lion Inn to see the wildflowers in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, with my mother, my brother, and his wife.”

Seth Ginsburg-Marcy (JobPath Employment Specialist)

“Breakfast in bed, but my mom lives in a different state, so I’ll have to keep it simple with a card and a nice call. She loves to read, so sending her a book will also be part of the plan.”

Jacob Waltuck (Marketing Assistant)

“My family and I are going to explore the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, have dinner in Chinatown, and I cooked up an apple crisp to share with my mom, as well as give her a beautiful card.”

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!